It looks Like You Can Finally Get Rid of the Annoying White Background

  • This only affects the subdomains, but if you goto your forum profile (NOT account page) and click on the 3 dot red button, select settings, u can change the background/buttons to various themes.

    For instance,[You Name]/settings

    Some of them, like "Cyborg, Darkly" will make it black. It also changes the text/font sizes, as well. So, if ur really fed up with the white nonsense, now u have some options, at least.

    Although I will admit, the buttons for some of the dark themes seems compressed. Personally, me sorta gotten used to it for the forums side, but no matter...

  • Ok, so, I tried that, but i get "Access Denied: You seem to have stumbled upon a page that you do not have access to."

    oh wait, nevermind. figured it out

  • Nice I like the darker backgrounds thank you for the info

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