Video player black screen

  • I been having this problem with the blank screen for the last 6 months. It doesn't work on my laptop but if I go to a different computer/laptop and log in it works great I can watch any video i want. Also I have try different show/episode and i get the some problem on my laptop. Does anyone know how get fix this problem. I have contacted funimation about this problem many times now.


  • Have you tried a different browser? I would assume since it's just one your laptop that you are having the issue, that it's some setting or add on you have. You may need to disable something to see if you an get it to work.

  • Moved to Funimation Help. Revised topic title to description of issue.

    Could you please list your computer's operating system and your browser? Does the issue occur in all browsers on your laptop or just your main browser?

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