Noragami first impressions and second episode

  • I honestly love this series and I've never even heard of it until a few days ago, so I decided to watch the first episode. The animation is smooth and colourful and since BONES is the animator I won't expect anything less. I instantly recognized Kamiya's voice as Yato XD! The first episode was quick and it turned my attention to this series. I read the translated chapters, 1-13, and then found out the were behind by 26, so I had to read some summaries and look at the raws to catch up. I know that this series will only have 12 episodes and 2 ovas that would cover the first arc and the first arc is really good! It tells you a lot of things you want to know about Yato and his relationship with another god, Vaisravana, but I'm not hear to spoil ;9 unless you want me to.

    From reading the manga I know the anime will pick up a lot of speed, so what do you guys think of the series? Have you read the manga?

  • this show is seriously good the first episode was funny and interesting I'm hooked onto this show until the end.

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