What are you currently watching? Spring 2017

  • Ok, so, thegrandalliance might be obnoxious about it, but he does have a point. We aren't really discussing the current anime season. So, let's see what we can do about that. I'll start

    Like every season, I'm watching a lot. currently following, but falling a bit behind, 42 shows. started with 44, but dropped Armed Girls Machiavellism and Idol Time Pri Para really fast. 33 are full length, with the other 9 being shorts of various length. I'll keep this brief and just group them by how much I am currently enjoying them

    Is It Next Week Yet?

    • Attack on Titan 2 (also watching the simuldub)
    • Kado: The Right Answer (also watching the simuldub)
    • Little Witch Academia
    • Love Tyrant (also watching the simuldub)
    • My Hero Academia (Watching the simuldub)
    • Nobunaga no Shinobi season 2
    • Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
    • Re:Creators
    • Seven Mortal Sins
    • World End/Suka Suka (also watching the simuldub)
    • Tsuki ga Kirei (also watching the simuldub)

    I like this Show, I'll take another episode, but no rush

    • Aikatsu Stars!
    • Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Teacher (also watching simuldub)
    • Alice and Zouroku
    • Atom: The Beginning
    • Berserk
    • Eromanga Sensei
    • Granblue Fantasy
    • Hinako Note
    • Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys
    • Laughing Salesman New
    • On a Lustful Night Mingling with a Priest... (its porn, but it's funny)
    • Saekano Flat
    • Sakura Quest (also watching the simuldub)
    • Sword Oratoria
    • The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Theater
    • The Royal Tutor
    • Tiger Mask W
    • Tsugumomo

    Cant Really Decide if I Like This or Not. Changes Every Week

    • Anonymous Noise
    • Frame Arms Girl
    • Grimoire of Zero
    • ID-0
    • Twin Angel Break
    • Puri Puri Chii-Chan!
    • Sakurada Reset
    • The Silver Guardian
    • The World Yamizukan

    Why am I still Watching This?

    • Clockwork Planet
    • Kabukibu
    • Love Kome: We Love Rice
    • Room Mate

    So that's currently it for me. How about the rest of you?

  • Only anime I've really had time to keep up with weekly has been My Hero Academia, though I have started and gotten a few episodes into a couple of other titles, and now that Persona 5 no longer dominates my life I can get back to those pretty soon.

    So I'll get back to you on my opinions, but I've started watching Alice & Zoroku, Love Tyrant, Re:Creators, Sakura Quest, WorldEnd, and Attack on Titan Season 2.

  • @Getchman said in What are you currently watching? Spring 2017:

    So that's currently it for me. How about the rest of you?

    Attack on Titan 2 (sub & dub) - the first-time watch is always exciting.
    My Hero Academia (sub & dub) - I like the premise, and the execution thereof. And the girls.
    Little Witch Academia- CWDCT

    Tsugumomo - a sex comedy and a fight show. Or is it the other way around?

    Well, OK...
    Eromanga Sensei - Cute designs, but the premise and the plot... oy, vey.

    The Rest
    alt text

    I need to get back into Berserk.

  • My schedule is quite crowded at the end of the week. The ones I'm currently following are Love Tyrant, Clockwork Planet, Sword Oratoria, My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan season 2, and Re: Creators. I'm also following the simuldubs of all series I mentioned that have them. I might consider binge watching Akashic Records over the summer.

  • This is all the seasonal stuff I'm in the middle of watching, though I'm about a week behind on everything:

    • Alice & Zouroku
    • Tsugumomo
    • The Eccentric Family 2
    • The Laughing Salesman NEW
    • WorldEnd
    • Kenka Bancho Otome
    • Tsukigakirei
    • KADO: The Right Answer
    • BERSERK 2
    • Ninja Girl and Samurai Master
    • Attack on Titan 2

    I'm enjoying all of them for different reasons, but some, like KADO, Berserk, Alice & Zoroku, and Eccentric Family are the stand outs this season for me.

  • I'll rank them from favorite to least favorite

    My Hero Academia - The show's pacing is just about perfect. Season 1 really took its time establishing the world, the academy, and the relationship between hero, mentor, and disciple. So far, season 2 is taking a lot of time to flesh out individual characters, which they can afford with a longer episode count. Todoroki has a phenomenal backstory and it's been nice to see a number of new and old supporting characters show of their own quirks and personalities. The only thing I've been questioning about the show is how these tournament battles go by so quickly, but I guess it's to be expected when you consider the novice participants compared to the multi-episode climax of season 1 against seasoned veterans

    Little Witch Academia - Genuinely good series with a lot of interesting ties to Western literature/entertainment as well as delightfully strong character in Akko. Trigger has done an excellent job characterizing her personality and eccentricities down to a T, and I really like that they've gone with an episodic sort of storytelling arcs to better fit the Harry Potter books that it draws from. Other references I like include Hanna-Barbera and, bizarrely, Pawn Stars

    Attack on Titan - The pacing this season has felt a little weird, but it's cool that they're really fleshing out the rest of the recruits this season, since last season I could really only remember the big three and Potato Girl/Annie. Since it's been a few years since the last season, I tend to find myself forgetting events of what happened prior to season 2. The abrupt double reveal fit so well into the breakneck pace that made the first season so good, and I'm really interested in hearing this character's reasoning in their actions as they're clearly suffering from stress and/or a broken mind

    WorldEnd - Interesting enough concept, but the setting and background information is so out there that it's sometimes a struggle to really understand what exactly is going on in this world. Still, I like it well enough for the depressing fantasy that it is

    Love Tyrant - It makes the most of its parody tag. Funny but insubstantial. It's always interesting to see a show try to properly articulate a yandere

    Akashic Records - Harems are my guilty pleasure comfort food. Not much to really report on this one. I don't inherently love any of the characters but I can't say I despise any of them either

    Sword Oratoria - I like Ais, even if she can be a cardboard cutout sometimes, but much like with Railgun, I think the show suffers as a spin-off because a supporting character from the main show received a bunch of supporting characters who have to be watered down even further. It doesn't help that Lefiya is a far less interesting Bell, and that they have been re-using a lot more scenes from the main show than I was expecting. The show is strong when it's showing off its own original fights, though

    Sakura Quest - The least interesting of P.A. Works' working series, at least conceptually. We'll see if it gets better, but the occupation this time is so out there yet similar enough to Hanasaku Iroha that I'm not sure how much of it will feel either interesting or original. It bothers me that they keep referring to it as a Chupakabura in the dub even though one of the girls had it spelled as Chupacabra on her occult site

    Monster Hunter Stories - Booooooooooooooooring. But expected, since it's a children's show

    Brave Witches - haha

  • For me, I am currently watching:

    • Boku no Hero Academia
    • Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side
    • Re: Creators
    • Attack on Titan
    • World End/SukaSuka
    • Nanatsu no Taizai
    • Tsugumomo
    • Grimoire of Zero

    I read the manga for My Hero, so it was a given that I would love the anime! For Re: Creators, I'm enjoying the way creations approach the concept of their existence and the decisions they will eventually make while slowly assimilating into a reality more real than their own. Other than that, I fairly enjoy each and every show on my list.

  • Really only watching MHA, Titan, and Berserk weekly. Fell behind on Sakura Quest and Tsukigakirei but intend to catch up ASAP bc I really liked them. I really love what I'm watching.

    My Hero Academia is so great. It's got a lot of heart and it's really infectious, just mad every episode feels like 5 mins. Initially I was like so it's Soul Eater but I like it way more than Soul Eater.

    Titan is also A+. I think it's a vast improvement over s1, always on the edge of my seat even tho I know what happens next. I love Attack on Titan and imo this is amongst the strongest material in the manga and it doesn't have the dead air I thought was in s1.

    After the last season of Berserk I was really hoping they'd go the route of what those blu-rays apparently look like but nope. Despite that, every week I want more ugly cg. I'm always so conflicted with Berserk because typically art that goes to where Berserk goes is an instant no for me but I still love it.

    Want to watch SukaSuka maybe but I'll wait til it's over, same for Bahamut s2 and Re:Creators. Before this season started I was really looking forward to Sagrada Reset but it was mega boring so I dropped that.

  • As far as new shows, I'm not really keeping up with the week to week much. AOT is a weekend ritual, being a manga-reader, and I somehow got into Love Tyrant due to its over the top absurdity, but not much else. Kancolle is my guilty pleasure, of which I have no expectations based on its premise. I've been digging a few older shows, some non-Funi shows, and just run out of time/interest to check out everything new. My wife watches Alice and Zorouko, and Clockwork Planet though, and likes them both.

    Last season Kobayashi's Dragon Maid blew me away along with just about everyone else.

    Does anyone have anything they would rank as must-see?

  • Since my schedule is crazy I have limited myself to Funi simuldubs which I was just able to start watching this weekend here is my list rated from favorite to least favorite. Unlisted means I did not care for it. Seven Mortal Sins/Brave Witches waiting till uncensored.

    Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor
    WorldEnd: What are you doing at the end of the world? Are you busy? Will you save us?
    Love Tyrant
    Clockwork Planet
    Sakura Quest
    my hero academia
    Alice & Zoroku (that old man really pisses me off)
    KADO: The Right Answer

  • My Hero Academia
    Dragon Ball Super
    Attack on Titan
    Sakura Quest
    Those are the only ones I've been watching but after seeing what all of you have been watching I'll be watching more now since I've been curious on some of those shows.

  • @Riles I could be wrong but I don't believe akashic records of the bastard magical instructor is a harem. At least that that was not the impression I got and don't see it labeled as such anywhere. Also Sakura quest is 2 cour so maybe that's why it starts out a little slow.

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