• So, this thread can act as the hub to talk about all things UFC or MMA if you enjoy watching it; you don’t’ have to be hard core into it; I’m more of a casual fan myself. So my personal interest in it, I’m not heavily into it, but every few weeks my sister and her husband, or some of the girls I work with in the wrestling will invite me over, order some pizza or something and watch it.

    For a few years I took Kung Fu and some kick boxing; however, that was quite some time ago, and while I do practice it every now and then for good cardio exercise, point is, that is part of what makes me interested to watch some of these events, that and of course the social aspect. Of course, the girls that I work with in wrestling are a little more into it because some of them keep up with their training; I believe two of them have their brown belt in Jujitsu, so a good way to look at it is they’re to their martial arts as I am to my bass and music practice.

    I can remember when UFC first started in the 1990’s where there were no weight divisions for the fighters and the matches had no time limit; many of those matches were more a matter of will and endurance as opposed to technique and strength.

    So some big things have been happening lately in the UFC; it looks as though St. Pierre is retiring, I don’t think anyone can say if it’s temporary or permanent. In his last fight against Hendricks, he didn’t seem like he was all there and at the end of the fight he seemed really off, I would speculate that he has something of greater importance in his personal life, but, like I said, that’s only a theory.

    In the last event I saw, it looks like things didn’t go so well for Silva, I’m talking a career ender, however, I did hear a rumor, and understand; it’s only a rumor that he’s looking to get back into the game as soon as he can. As for how long that it can take for him to heal up, go through physiotherapy and get training again; who know?

    The women’s fight on that event got fight of the night, and it was a completely different dynamic that I’m used to seeing with the male competitors. Things seemed a little quicker in pace, and Rousey’s outstanding control over her Judo technique was a primary tool that claimed her win against Tate. So for the time being Rousey is the current Women's Bantamweight Champion.

    So that’s about all I have for now, I’m not sure when there will be another get together to watch UFC among the circle of people I know, but I’m sure there will be one eventually. I don’t fellow everything too closely, but after seeing a few of these I’m at least able to follow what’s going on.

  • Been doing mma for couple years 1-2 record check me out on YouTube I'm not that good lolz but it's fun.

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