*spoilers* for those who are confused about heavens lost property eternal my master

  • Basically I have searched the entire web on information on the final movie for people who are thinking about how they plan to fit the whole manga into the movie, well they won't be doing that the cause unknown I am guessing maybe they were busy problems arose or they just were not boverd. Either way the movie will contain your funny perverted Tomoki moments at the beginning and fun some bits of the manga like when Tomoki takes off Ikaros imprinting because he wants her to smile which is at the end of the trailer. and the rest will go into the ending with them flying the to synapse and Ikaros goes in to self destruct, then we'll see what happens, I'm sure everything will be fine in the end don't worry just you wait and see there's always a way. Release dates: Japan get there version in 4 months and us westerners roughly a year later. Keep your heads up guys no one knows, they might save Ikaros everything gets fixed and the story continues but if it truly does end, it has been the best ever and will live in my heart forever.

  • the was my first true anime

  • @Malache:

    this was my first true anime

    You poor boy.

  • I finished the manga for the series last night and from what I can tell this is going to be the end. With that cover for the movie and what happened in the manga. I unfortunately say that this looks like the end for the series….. Unless they keep it going :D which I deeply DEEPLY hope they at the very least do that. I mean in like 5 of the chapters of the manga say Season 3 confirmed and the us commentary for the first movie they even said that. Dammit if your going to keep talking about it you need to do it....

  • This series has been picking up a lot of followers on Netflix. I actually find this show more awesome than "Attack on Titan" and "knights of Sidonia" (both of which are getting new seasons by the way) - and making money).

    They are actually in a mad rush to get those two new seasons out by the way, Sidonia is coming out 15 and titan in 2016. They REALLY should not let this show die when there is a huge market about to explode for demand.

  • People that have come to love this show or series which ever you prefer to call it. But just hope and pray that the creators of this series realize the unsatisfying ending that they have given to this series and that they man up and fix the mistakes that they have made. They should at least realize that they haven't finished what was left of the manga, they were literally soo close to finishing but it just seems like that they just gave up and let the ball of life of this series drop. But luckly when a ball is dropped it has a chance to bounce back to its original level and sometimes even soar past it's original level, basically the creators still have a great chance at finishing off what they have started. The pepole around the world have been disturbed by the ending that "Eternal my Master" has provided them with such as: their homeland and the people of Japan, the people of Mexico, America and so on. They have let all of these people down. So once again to the people that have grown fond of this great series please hold your heads up and keep on moving forward with ever day that passes hoping that the creators will fix the major errors that has taken place, and put a rest to the rage that has grown in the minds of the people towards this serie's in its final movie's ending. So please don't lose hope for this series and instead ask the creators AIC to finish it, or continue it.

  • Well i just lost hope

  • its their choice wheter or not to end it. we cant do anything about it. so best just to say oh well.

  • This was the first anime i watched and i loved it i hope they still make more seasons

  • That's where your wrong, if we just sit back and say "oh well", they will see no point in bringing it back because they see no demand for a continue on a new series

  • @Soundmonkey44:

    You poor boy.

    My reactor hurts.

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  • Any recent news on HLP? At least they could end it with a final episode after eternal my master or something. not a cliff hanger.
    edit: the manga pretty much closes it, but we know by now how much people don't like reading.

  • I just don't know what to say after watching all the Heaven's Lost Property episodes and movies there are no word that could just describe it coz i m so die hard fan of this series that i love each and every part of it…..... It just always makes me cry I Love this series so much...We want more episodes and movies please please please just keep on making more and more of it because we love it veryyyyyyyy much please just don't
    end it up like this I m begging you we want more of it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.........

  • @shashankupadhyay:

    We want more episodes and movies please please please just keep on making more and more of it because we love it veryyyyyyyy much please just don't
    end it up like this I m begging you we want more of it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…......

    Unfortunately FUNimation can't do that because they don't actually make anime, so it's all up to whether or not the Japanese production companies decide to continue the series. And considering it's been quite a long time since the last movie, I can honestly say the chances of that happening aren't very good. :hmm:

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  • whatever happened to erternal my master?

  • It is truly sad that this is the ending and I don't understand why they ended it like this. And i agree with the view of us needing to let them know we want more. They could have easily done 2 or 3 seasons after season two. This I think would have allows then to go in to more depth with Hiyori, who is easily my favorite. Also instead of a rushed and confusing movie they could have gone into the details behind the while thing. They major screwed up what was truly a amazing show. I have a habit of getting really attached to shows I watch and this was easily one of the highest on that list of attachment. The characters and story for me was fun and dramatic, but still kept you guessing. Hiyori's death nearly ripped my in two and really hurt me deep down. She shouldn't have died and just seeing tomoc and Hiyori relationship advance would have been so amazing. Plus the manga ended but so what. These guys are supposed to be Funimation, one of the higher UPS in the world of anime I have seen so far, and yet they couldn't come up with their own story. What are they a bunch of baboons. They could have simple turned it into a progression of their free lives and would have still been hooked. Or they could have an enemy from below rather than above. Fighting the forces of hell of the underworld or something… There are 1000s of possibilities for them to continue the story, but instead they choose to ruin a amazing anime that has touched so many deeply on these two pathetic movies rather than maning up to take the time to turn it into a masterpiece... I hope that someday someone with a true passion for it like and imagination to progress it reads this and decides to take it to heart and redo these movies as seasons and run it on without a manga. It would make so many people's days I think if these were done proper. The fans would return and be happy for the series getting true and proper attention that it needs. Sorry if this seems a bit rantish, but I felt I could through this out there and see if someone described may one day read it and do what I described. I am truly upset by the way this was ruined and I know its not all Funimations fault, but this was a amazing and loveable series for so many and its almost unfair that tho happened to all of them. I truly hope deep down this series can return to be the amazing and loveable series it was in the beginning with seasons one and two.

  • @Guster117:

    These guys are supposed to be Funimation, one of the higher UPS in the world of anime I have seen so far, and yet they couldn't come up with their own story. What are they a bunch of baboons.

    Funimation doesn't make anime, though. :hmm:

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