Twisted grant a wish game

  • this game was created before the new changes. (forgot by who) it was really popular and i liked it so i'll try to start it up again.

    ok i'll start off by making a wish(any wish i want) the next person has to grant it but create a crazy (somewhat evil) catch or twist to it (like i'll lose my leg or something if it's granted) then you have to make a wish of your own for the next person.

    ok here goes

    i wish to get first pick of anything want in the world:)

  • I wish that I could make the moon my home so that nobody will hunt me down,

  • hey….. you have to grant the wish in a twisted way first then make your own.:)

    fine i'll grant your wish but you will be antagonized by anime aliens for rest of your life.

    i wish that i never have pay extra for shipping if i order something on tv

  • I Ban you for making fun of me.

  • alright this game is over forget about it

  • (It can work, you just have to have faith.)

    Granted, but it starts up again in a parallel world which ends up merging with ours and becoming the same.

    I wish people would follow the rules of the games.

  • granted but they"ll still be jerks about it to you everytime while watching you intently

    i wish that i could pee in public without anyone judging me.

  • I wish to be an alchemist, and make a taboo just to be able to clap my hands :3

  • (You forgot to grant chrome's wish)

    Granted but it costs you your soul.

    I wish the technology that allows for SAO's existence(the game in the anime) actually existed now, except for the whole "die in game, die for real" stuff. :)

  • granted but you get a severe headache and go into a death-like coma for a month

    i wish that every time i find penny on the ground and enemy of mine gets put in the hospital

  • Granted but you wake up the next morning with a Hippo that farts in your face soon as you open your eyes.

    I wish that my Dog could actually talk to me

  • Granted but your Dog is a total sociopath that tell you nothing but awful things he's going to do to you.

    I wish to be a teenager again.

  • granted, but you will be a teen of the oppisite gender

    i wish i had a million dollars

  • Granted but you are alone…..

    I wish that everything i draw would become real living things.

  • POOF Granted! Unfortunately your a medium bridge to a two dimensional universe and soon they take over your house and along with Pinky and the Brain, Tomorrow night they "Try and take over the world!"

    I wish that Jim Morrison was still alive and singing with the Doors

  • Granted but you no longer enjoy the music.

    I wish I had an inter-dimensional transporter.

  • granted but you have no control over where your going and have to deal with pain each time you travel.

    i wish wishes on my birthday actually come true:)

  • @Forlorn:

    Granted but you no longer enjoy the music.

    Now That's just Cold.

    POOF Granted! Except Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda are the ones granting your wishes and they are teaming up with the Pixies so Jorgen Von Strangle comes and Beats you with His wand every time you make a wish.

    I Wish Jurassic Park was real.

  • Granted but everything that happens follows the movie exactly, except you're in it as well and get killed off just as you're making your escape.

    I wish I knew what to wish for.

  • POOF Granted! But soon as you post your wish, you find yourself turned into a pool of Jello at a Biggest Looser failed contestant wrestling match.

    I Wish we could all have a chance to go to Mars

  • Granted, but everyone who goes starves to death after they run out of food and the scientists' attempts to get food to grow end in failure.

    I wish I had something to eat right now.

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