Fmab vs. Fma

  • Which version do you prefer?? The Manga based or the winged version??

  • I don't have a preference as far as the anime adaptations go. Both versions have their merits and flaws and I appreciate them both equally for different reasons. We're really lucky to have gotten not one, but two excellent anime out of the excellent manga.

  • what flaws do you believe are in FMAB??

  • The beginning is very rushed. It's actually not that far off from how the manga is paced in the beginning, but anime is a different medium and it felt a little too fast, especially since the anime then starts slowing down after the first 12-13 episodes and then Briggs is rather slow, even in the manga.

    It also didn't know how to balance the comedy properly. It worked in the manga most of the time, but again, anime is a different medium. It was worse in the early episodes and then slowly did get better as things progressed, but there were some moments where I was thinking "yeah, probably could've cut that joke out…".

    This is more personal, but I loved the Ishbal War story in the manga, and Brotherhood did not give it enough time. I was hoping that the anime adaptation of that arc would flesh things out more, but instead it too felt rushed. The final fight leaves me a little wanting upon reflection, specifically when it comes to Ed's defeat of Father.

  • I totally agree with you on that one, i guess i didn't realize that. I agree that it does go a bit fast in the first couple of episodes and the fact that Briggs took forever; i also wish that there might have been maybe one last episode to clear everything up between Ed and Hoheinhime (prob. spelled his name wrong) . Lastly i agree about the jokes, some are very misplaced (if you wana call it that). Just wondering but doesn't the manga have another book, like to sum it all up or something??

  • Not that I'm aware of, no. There was an extra chapter (I think it was like 20 pages at most) showing what they did with Al's body but that's it. I do wish she'd write some one-shots here and there about Ed and Al's adventures in the west and east, or a story about Olivier or Mustang, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  • I agree with the short stories idea! i think that would be a cool thing to do!! What did they do with Al's body? i dont think i've read that one…

  • Not sure if this really counts as spoilers, but it wasn't animated and just in case somebody hasn't read it yet:

    ! They decided to have it be used to make parts for automail. <end spoiler="">It was included with volume 27.</end>

  • okay, thanks! Who was ur favorite character? In both or one from FMA and the other from FMAB…

  • We should probably take this to a new thread, we're straying from the original topic a little bit, but I liked most of the characters and it's hard to narrow it down to even just two or three. My favorites in the 2003 anime were: Ed, Mustang, Hawkeye, Izumi, Armstrong, Lust, and Greed. In Brotherhood: Ed, Winry, Hawkeye, Mustang, Olivier, Greed, King Bradley, Hohenheim, Izumi, and Kimblee.

  • Okay, sorry. Back to the topic, i prefer the Manga based version because i beleive it has a better animation than the other version and that it has a better ending!

  • Brotherhood does have better animation. And I do prefer the happier ending. I liked the sense of closure that came with the epilogue, yet it also didn't feel too closed off.

    2003's ending left me feeling a little crushed when I first watched it. I've since come to like it, but Conqueror of Shamballa has not grown on me very much.

  • To enjoy Brotherhood one must have first seen the original series. Brotherhood assumed that the viewer was already familiar with the side characters and didn't spend time developing them. For example, in Brotherhood when Hughes dies we barely know who he is, or why we should believe that his death really affected any of the main characters, especially Ed.

  • I say both of the anime are awesome. :P I have no arguments althought, Roy Mustang is prettier than before.

  • I can't comment on his aesthetics (for obvious reasons) but Roy Mustang was more "badass" in Brotherhood IMO.

    I just wish that Ed and company hadn't stopped him from getting even more "badass points" near the end of the series.

  • I prefere the origional. I feel it had better writing & animation. To be honest I didn't care for Brotherhood much. I know it's the version based on the manga… But that really doesn't matter to me. IMO the Origional is more enjoyable.

    But that's just me. To each their own.

  • Reviving an old thread, because I'm new here, and I wanna talk about it, darn it!

    I love both of these series, but for very different reasons. I felt that FMA had a certain philosophical resonance which is hard to define. I loved the story it told very much, and of course, it was my first experience with the FMA universe. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

    FMAB did not reach me quite as deep as FMA, but there were some truly epic moments. The respective deaths of the homunculi in particular were brilliant works of both visual and story-telling art. The English cast was outstanding, as a whole.

  • FMA: Brotherhood for me I just got into this fandom last month and I bought both Bluray sets cause I wanted the real story to FMA in animated form (also its #1 on MAL) plus it was on sale so yeah. Although from what i read Hughes was more developed in the first anime before he was axed so that is probably the only flaw in this series that I can think of since I haven't even read the manga. xD

    I'm not a fan of original endings or filler movies plus I heard on tumblr that the first anime made some characters OOC which is a huge turn off for me especially since Hohenheim is my favorite guy in the show. So you can say I'm not a fan of this version and will never watch it.

  • ^^ To be honest, I love them both equally, but for different reasons. It makes me sad that you say you will never watch it, because you're truly missing out on something spectacular. IMO, FMA is the better story, because it's tighter, and there is less fluff to it. It also makes you think a lot more than FMA: B. Yeah, it doesn't follow the manga exactly, but is that a bad thing?

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