A Certain Magical Index II sub/dub

  • Well the subbed version is coming out this month it would seem. I'm a bit new here, so I hope I'm not out of line asking, is there any plan to dub this season? If there is, does anyone have any idea of when it would be dubbed?

  • I dont think they have actually confirmed if it will be dubbed, but since seaosn 1 of Index/Railgun have sold well for them, I have no doubt they will dub it. I'd guess they are probably working on some aspect of it right now, but we wont hear/see anything about it for a while

  • Dub only works when the subs do well.

  • do you think they will dub the rest

  • @kealailiahi:

    do you think they will dub the rest

    Yes. It was announced that they would be releasing part one of season two in Oct. and with the exception of the import releases of GitS Arise and the test run of sub only with the mediocre series OniAi Funi is exclusively a Dub company.
    Here is the link to the announcment:

    Though they don't have any preorder page ready even on amazon, if you want a visual confirmation of this beyond the provided news bulletin check the ANN website now because for me the have a banner advertising funi. and one of the side banners is announcing preordering and one of the cover arts shown is for Index 2 (even though you can't even Preorder it right now on there site :P )

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