Playback issue?

  • The damn playback is in my way!!! i rather not mess with the code or add a new syntax since i could get more errors.

    which leads to my conclusion! is anyone experiencing playback error's like this?0_1495080698803_Screenshot (2).png

    i've already told tech support, but they stop messaging me last March. i finally got a reply on May, it says,
    0_1495082310620_Screenshot (5)_LI.jpg
    i don't know if this was from a "certain" video error on Black Butler or the Playback error. Tom just leaves me hanging :(

    I just learn this today. FOR SOME REASON, IT LEAVES ONLY IF I PRESS PRINTSCREEN AND HOLD DOWN THE WINDOWS START BUTTON?! i don't want to collect countless screenshots.

  • @Mrluis613 By "playback", do you mean the UI? So, the UI does not disappear while you have the video player in full screen?

    Moving this to Funimation Help.

  • @Sophie Yes!!!! Thank goodness. Everytime I say UI, my emails get no reply whatsoever, I got so confused if it's getting ignored or just really busy from the major bugs.

    But yeah UI... annoying... don't want to screenshot. Especially since it won't force the mouse icon to disappear

    Note: I turn off my Adblockers on this amazing site.

  • @Mrluis613 Seeing as how you got a reply, your issue may have been misidentified. There have also been several deploys between March and May, albeit no player ones that I know of, so they could have been seeing if the issue was resolved by a fix for another issue.

    Thank you for confirming. Unfortunately, I'm not able to reproduce the issue on my Windows 10 Surface Pro 3 in Chrome. Could you please tell me more about the device you are on? Thanks!


  • @Sophie
    Device: HP TouchSmart 520 PC
    Browser: Google Chrome
    OS: Windows 10

  • @Mrluis613 Similar to my setup then. Does the same issue happen in other browsers or just in Chrome?

    After some searching around, this could be an HTML5 issue. Try the below:

    1. Move your mouse all the way to the bottom left of the screen
    2. Push F11 to full screen Chrome. Then full screen the player.

    If that doesn't work, they you may to make sure that Chrome and Windows are up to date and try again.

  • @Sophie It works fine on Microsoft Explorer. Chrome is where the problem is at, since it's my main browser. I tried the F11 trick, but it still happens.

    Once I select a video, I usually have to full screen once the button is available. After that, I can't move my mouse or I have to do my screenshot or press refresh and do the cycle again
    1_1495321669478_Screenshot (10).png 0_1495321669477_Screenshot (9).png

  • @Mrluis613 Are these the steps to reproduce then?

    1. Start video
    2. Click full screen when it is available
    3. UI disappears at this point.
    4. Move mouse. UI appears and does not go away.

  • @Sophie yes ma'am

  • @Mrluis613 Yay! I reproduced the issue. I shall put a bug in. ^_^

    Thank you!

  • @Sophie just a quick question. I've been getting volume issues from the player as well. But that occasionally happens. Regardless of web players.

  • @Mrluis613 What kind of issues? We are in the process of reuploading the entire library with differently encoded audio.

  • @Sophie The volume mixer would say it's on 100% on the web player but would lower to 50% on itself. I'm not sure it has been resolve since it had showed yesterday. It's gone right now but i'm not sure if it is still happening...
    0_1495322485930_Screenshot (11).png

  • Weird. I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

  • @Sophie So, i know this is old... But should I submit a ticket, becuz my friend is experiencing the same problem with the UI

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