Like? dislike system?

  • Please post if you agree

  • Meh, don't need to turn Funi into YouTube.

  • I'd have to say I "dislike" this ideaโ€ฆ

    see what I did there? lols

    No really I've never been a fan of rating systems, ok on finding shock videos on Youtube but otherwise just unneeded fluff that gets in the way.

  • Like/Dislike buttons on forums are mainly used for popularity contests in my opinion.

    If a person has something they want to express then they can do so through a well typed post. Otherwise, how else are other users going to understand the message that is being conveyed if some random users click on the Like/Dislike buttons?

    Plus, this may further encourage users with complaints about Funimation to start making more threads in order to garner Like/Dislike votes.

  • Oh I thought he meant for a like/dislike system to be implemented into videos on the Funimation website.

  • this is all very interesting feedback that I wasnt expecting. interesting.

  • I would say yes, if it meant something.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I had considered this for videos and for the forum. For videos, the social buttons are as much as we're going to do (once they're re-enabled). The FUNimation Forum will never have any kind of rating/reputation/like/dislike system. I have found that they don't really help generate quality content.

  • okay.I was curious becaus eI someimes have trouble figureing out if a comment is well liked or not. I can live without one.

  • No worries. I sometimes wonder about that as well and have felt the need quite a few times to like a comment instead of replying with an "I agree" or "Thank you for saying that".

    Normally, the tone of the replies from other users will determine if a comment is liked or not. However, if there are no replies, but plenty of views, that may just mean that no one has anything to say about the subject. It may not mean that they liked or disliked the comment, just that they had no comment of their own.

    Other than a like/dislike system, is there something else that we could implement in the forum to help users gauge the feelings toward a particular comment or thread?

    We really appreciate the feedback. Please keep it coming. ^_^

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