Requiem Of Evangelion (An Alternative Ending for the series)

  • This is a fan-fiction of Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the best series. It will be split into two parts

    PART I: Heartbroken Angel
    As he lied there on the shore that used to be Tokyo-3, Shinji Ikari closed his eyes for the last time. He destroyed the world and created anew. The oceans was now red and the head of Lilith was floating on the blood-colored sea. However, Shinji was not alone. There, beside him laid Asuka Langley Sohryo, who was barely alive when Shinji tried to choke her a while ago.

    All of a sudden, Shinji wakes up back in the NERV hospital as if somebody reversed time so that he could get another chance to save his world. He was lying on the floor, next to the unconscious Asuka, who was lying on a bed. He stood up gently as he knows what to do now before it's too late. He must stop his friend Rei Ayanami from causing Third Impact.

    He cracked the door open just to be if someone's coming from both ways. He notices that SEELE has already killed some of the NERV personnel as evidence with their corpses lie on the floor in blood. It was a gruesome sight to see. He rushed to the nearest bathroom which was two doors to the left of the room. As he went to the restroom, he went to the first Toilet Stall and vomits. Then, he washed his face at the last sink that was still operational. As he was about to leave, he noticed that someone died in a stall to the right where he threw up at

    Freaked out by the gore, He bursted out out the room and into the hallway trying to find Rei's location. Along the way, he passed Misato as he is running. In his mind, he keeps repeating "You mustn"t run away, not anymore". He has made this decision to never never run away again

    He ran past four corpses and stole an ID card to get into an elevator that only responds if an ID Card is scanned.

    He stopped for a moment to get a gun from a dead SEELE soldier. The gun will proved his hatred of his own father for using him as a tool to help him achieve his plan as well as protection for Rei if he hurts her in some way.

    Shinji finally came to a halt at Rei's room. He opens it to see that she has woken up already and about to go.

    Shinji: (Breathing Hard from running) Rei, you must stop this.
    Rei: (Looking at him) (In a hospital gown) Stop what?
    Shinji: (shouting angrily) Don't play dumb, you know what's going to happen.
    Rei: (Questioned by Shinji's anger) Ikari-kun, you're not making anything sense.
    Shinji: (Stopping for three second only to talk quietly) My dad wants to use you to be with my mother
    Rei: (Looking down) What are you talking about?
    Shinji: I'm talking about the End Of The World and you being the cause (Shouting angrily while pointing the gun at her)
    Rei: (Shocked with eyes wide open) Ikari-kun, where did you get that?
    Shinji: (Looking at the gun and putting it away) I got it from one of those dead guys that work for dad.
    Rei: So you now know everything. He wants me to return to nothingness. Now I'm no use for anything. (a tear ran down to her left cheek)
    Shinji: It's not like that okay. The reason is that he wants as a sacrifice
    Rei: If it's true, I need to speak to him.
    Shinji: (Pointing the gun back at her) Get back!

    As soon as she got near him, Shinji slapped her hard like she slapped him. Rei never felt a slap before. She went down to her knees and started crying on Shinji's leg.

    Shinji: (Hugging Rei as she cries) I'm sorry if I hurt you.
    Rei: (Pushing him back) Why? Ikari-kun, why did you have to do that? (still sobbing)
    ???: Shinji, how could you make Rei cry like that? She's innocent.

    As As Shinji turned around to see who said that, he knew that voice. It was Misato, spying on him as usual

    Misato: (Embarrassed that Shinji is looking at her funny) Don't get the wrong idea, but seriously. Why pull a stunt like that to her?
    Shinji: I had to snap her out of it.
    Misato: Well, It's funny that I never heard Rei cry before. The only time she only shed a tear was that when Asuka lost consciousness.
    Shinji: Me neither.
    Rei: Is there something I should do?
    Misato: Stay here. If anybody comes there. Let me know
    Rei: OK, miss Misato.
    Shinji: Rei, do you love me? (blushing)
    Misato: (Shocked and Screaming) What!? Shinji, you know that she is a clone of your mother, right? Isn't that Incest or something?
    Shinji: (Blushing) Just because she is a clone of my mom doesn't mean she's my mother. I know that she looks exactly like her, but inside she has free will.
    Rei: (Tears in her eyes and blushing) I love you, Shinji-kun! I do! I Really do!! From the moment i met you from that day, I knew you would understand me. When I smiled, I knew that you were meant for me! I gladly thank you for your kindness.

    Rei hugged Shinji's shoulder and wailed for 15 seconds until he kissed her on the lips.

    Misato: (Shocked at the scene) I'll leave you two lovers alone. I'll wait outside.
    Shinji: I have to go but if any chance that I won't make it, find someone else.
    Rei: I don't know if I can bare loneliness any longer
    Shinji: Don't worry, Rei. I always be by your side and in your heart.
    Rei: Come back for me. If you die, I won't forgive you for making me cry.
    Shinji: Sooner or later, you would have to cry.

    When Shinji left to fight his fear, Rei crawled back to her bed and cried under the blankets while Misato comforts her. Shinji only has one chance to settle this once and for all

    To Be Continued in Part II: A Tragic Fate

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  • well it isnt bad. I just would like if you where more specific on whos who
    also i just would like to ask that you would critique my work as well.

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    well it isnt bad. I just would like if you where more specific on whos who
    also i just would like to ask that you would critique my work as well.

    You noticed I gave Rei's emotional breakdown.

  • yes and again it would be great if you actually would crtique my work(what you posyed is not considered criteque

  • @watchinanimeslikeaboss:

    yes and again it would be great if you actually would crtique my work(what you posyed is not considered criteque

    Well it's good in its way. That's all I have to say.

  • Part II: Rei IV (I've changed the title, no big whoop.)

    As Rei finished her crying, she looked at Misato blankly while she, Misato of course, wipes the tears off of her cheeks.

    Rei: Miss Misato, I like to ask you a question that's been going through my mind just recently.
    Misato: What do you say to me? (in a polite tone)
    Rei: Am I just a clone of Ikari-kun's mother?
    Misato: You were made out of her remains.
    Rei: I see. Why was i created? Am I his mother's replacement? What will happen to me after Human Instrumentality Project?

    Misato was noticing a change in Rei's personality Before, she barely spoke a word to anyone with the exception of Gendo Ikari. Now, Rei had a change quite noticeable. She cried when Shinji slapped her when he was trying to get his point across and she's now questioning her existence. Misato just can't lie to her. Rei will notice. Misato had to spill the beans and quick.

    Misato: You were not just created, you were born as an artificial being that has the task of piloting Evangelion Unit 00 to execute the angels. Now that SEELE wants Gendo killed, I believe, in my personal opinion, that Shinji wants to protect because you're the only one who is by his side now. You are not a replacement of his mother. You are a child with a path that has to be followed. You are you. Don't forget that.

    Being touched by Misato's words, Rei weeps almost silently until she made a wail as Misato comforts her as a response to her sobbing.

    Misato: There's nothing to be sad about. (Brushing her hands on Rei's short light blue hair)
    Rei: You didn't question the last question. (Still crying on Misato's chest)
    Misato: You'll be alright, baby. I promise.
    Rei: Misato, you're like a mother I never had.
    Misato: Well, at least you didn't call me mommy like a child. (Starts a laugh)
    Rei: Will Shinji be okay?
    Misato: I have a bad feeling about it. Let's just think on sticking together until he comes back.

    Suddenly, Asuka bursts in like a tiger. She probably has something to say at least.

    Asuka: Is Shinji here?
    Misato: He just left a while ago. Is there something wrong?
    Asuka: In fact, there is. These guys with machine guns bust into my room as I heard a woman's scream clearly before they appeared. Because I was defenseless, I ran away as fast as I could. That's when I noticed this door opened.
    Rei: What do you want with Shinji?
    Asuka: To answer a question like that, Wonder Girl, you heard about the guys with machine guns, didn't you?
    Rei: Positive. What is it?
    Asuka: They are a bounty search for Gendo and Shinji. Their orders are to kill them and anyone in the way. That includes us three.
    Rei: He's going to talk with his father.
    Asuka: Oh, no. I got to help him.
    Rei: I'll support you.
    Asuka: Fine but if i see some funny business, I'll stop you.
    Rei: I agree but I want to do this so that I can tell him that…
    Asuka: That What?
    Misato: She saying that she wants to be by his side.
    Asuka: WHAT DO YOU SAY?! (Shouting)

    As Asuka screamed, the SEELE team notices them as the doors were still open.

    Misato: No time for drama. Let's lock the door and stay quiet
    Asuka: OK (As quiet as she can be)
    Rei: Roger.

    Part IIB...later

  • Part IIB

    Introduction: I've been gone for a while and I haven't updated this Fanfic that's trying to be more of an Alternative ending to End Of Evangelion with a more better ending (OOPS! SPOILER ALERT).

    For the writing, well. Lower your expectations, please. I'll make it up to you. I swear/
    nuff said. "Get On With It"

    As the trio locked the door and blocking it with a chair tied to the doorknob, they hide under the bed and begin a conversion in secret.
    Asuka: This kind of reminds me of a suspense film where a family is hiding from aliens (Quiet)
    Misato: Is it "Signs" by M. Night Shamayan
    Asuka: Close enough.
    Rei: War Of The Worlds
    Asuka: Holy crap! How did you know that?
    Rei: I read the book.
    Asuka: …I hate you so much right now.
    Misato: Now not the time nor the place to argue. We are about to die.
    Asuka: There's always a chance for me to turn the tides. (Getting up)
    Rei: You'll die first.(Emotionlessly)
    Asuka: Ha! Ha! I'm not listening.

    As Asuka opens the doors. The hallways are filled with SEELE corpses, covered in blood, limbs dismembered, and heads blown open. At the end of the hallway is Shinji Ikari with a handgun being held on his right hand. He also carries bag full of ammo

    Asuka: Where did you get that? (To Shinji)
    Shinji. I stole it from a dead NERV personnel.
    Misato: You can't just go around shooting people like that. (To Shinji)
    Shinji: I plan to use it against HIM.
    Rei: I thought you would settle things.
    Shinji: I did but I'm not done yet.

    Shinji turns to Asuka as he expressed his "real" feelings with her.

    Shinji: Asuka, I just can't be with you. I have chosen someone who has been there for me. I CHOOSE REI.
    Asuka: I know. (Tearing up) Why do you have to pick her. My mother killed herself in front of me when I was a child. I can't live without you.
    Shinji: Jeez, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Rei has been with me from the start when I became a pilot. The first time I saw her, she was badly injured. Something told me that she needed my help, Although she was cold at first but when you get to know her, she not that different from anyone. She's lonely like all of us. I love her and I'll stick by her side 'til the end.

    As Rei heard Shinji's speech, she ran toward him in tears.

    Rei: You're right. I am lonely inside. The world is SO CRUEL!!! (crying on Shinji's chest)
    Shinji: I know. The world is always cruel. We have to accept it. (Comforting Rei to dry her tears of remorse(

    Shinji and Rei both share a kiss while holding each other closely.

    Shinji: Let's go, Rei.
    Rei: All right

    They both left the room while holding each other's hands to confirm they will to be together.

    End of Part IIB

    Part III...Coming Soon (If possible)

    If you like this chapter, Please comment below. Let me know.

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  • 2015, the 20th Anniversary of NGE (also it's the year where the fictional story starts). Soon, i'll start working on a new chapter to conclude this series. The ending might have an M. Night Shyamalan twist. Stay Tuned.

  • Requiem of Evangelion: The Final Chapter Part A

    Shinji and Rei follow a trail of blood until they reach an elevator.

    Shinji: I think you should stay up here. Don't worry. I got us communicators to keep it touch.

    A communicator is shaped like a headpiece of an Oculus Rift.

    Rei: I'll be holding on to it. Don't be afraid.
    Shinji: I'm not afraid anymore. I have to stand up to him. I must.
    Rei: Go. Be brave.
    Shinji: I swear I'll come back to you. I promise.
    Rei: I know you will.

    Shinji enters the elevator and goes to where Lilith is. That is the last last place Gendo would be.

    As Shinji arrives, he feels certain death was upon him.

    Gendo: Where's Rei?
    Shinji: She doesn't want to come here.
    Gendo: She seems too much for my plans.
    Shinji: (Pulls out a sword) That's why I'm stopping you.

    Gendo pulls a gun and fires bullet at his son, only to be blocked by parrying. Gendo throw a grenade to blind Shinji, but he rushes towards his father and the two clashed. Gendo's methods to killing Shinji are as follows: (a) To be shot (b) To be stabbed by his own sword or © To fall to his death. However, None of those happened as Shinji is still clashing

    Gendo: You are worthy of a warrior, but you are still outmatched.
    Shinji: I hated you since you abandoned me.
    Gendo: I did that to protect you.
    Shinji: You only cared about your work. You're the reason mom died.
    Gendo: You don't know half of the story. I'm driven to mere madness to bring her back.
    Shinji: You can't bring her back. It's impossible.

    Shinji is knocked down as his father points a knife at him.

    Gendo: Your strength is useful. Join me so we can destroy Seele and save the world as father and son.
    Shinji: I'll never join you I rather die than joining to the likes of you.
    Gendo: Have it your way.

    As Gendo is about to kill Shinji, a shot was fired, and it was Rei who shot him.

    Gendo: Rei, why did you betray me.
    Rei: I heard everything.
    Shinji: Thanks for the help.
    Rei: I couldn't let you die. I love you.
    Shinji: I know.

    End of Part A.

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    Rei: Ikari-kun? Where are you?

    Rei wanders into the pool of LCL, trying to find Shinji. She is completely naked as she runs on top of the LCL. Now aware that he allowed himself to be dissolved into nothingness. She couldn't hold her sadness inside any longer.

    Rei: Why? (Sniff) Why did you leave me? (Tears dripping down from her eyes) After you said you would never leave me, how can you lie to me? I don't wanna be alone forever. I don't (Breaks down to tears) Shinjiiiiii!!!!!!! (Crying harder than ever) WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

  • Would anyone like a brand new Evangelion fanfic takes place at the end of Episode 23 to before the End of Evangelion in Rei Ayanami's point of view?

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