Evangelion 4.44 predictions

  • These are some predictions for Eva 4.44 (Insert Title Here)
    1. Shinji will die at the end
    2 Rei will cry because Shinji died
    3. Asuka chokes herself because she knows she is useless
    4. Gendo is Immortal after completing the Human Instrumentality Project
    5. SEELE is destroyed by WILLIE
    6. Rei is cursed with immortality, unable to die until she finds peace

    These might not be true, but you can make your own predictions

  • They will continue to ignore the Mari Makinami Illustrious character that they, for some reason, created.

  • Mari gets killed 10 minutes into the final film.

  • Seriously? Nobody really makes any predictions.

  • Well since Hideki Anno promised a new ending I would assume that he would create an ending that satisfies the viewers and not cause a traumatic ending like the End Of Evangelion. In my view I thought the "Original" ending where the third impact happens and all the people in the world except for Shinji and Asuka (who were revived later) was satisfying. Cause everything almost goes as SEELE plans, but Shinji's change of heart and sudden realization that it would be better to have people around him saved the Day. I just hope that more people survive and Shinji would find love in the end.

  • Maybe Rei might be right at Shinji's side, holding hands.

  • I'm still waiting for Eva to give an in-show reason for why the Mari Makinami Illustrious character was added. It can't end before that happens ;)

  • @sidereal_presence:

    I'm still waiting for Eva to give an in-show reason for why the Mari Makinami Illustrious character was added. It can't end before that happens ;)

    Mari explains why and gets killed 30 minutes into the movie. I think It should be split into two parts, Does anyone disagree?

  • honestly i hope its a completely tragic devastating ending because it really wouldnt be evangelion without it

  • @Caitspaghetti:

    honestly i hope its a completely tragic devastating ending because it really wouldnt be evangelion without it

    Shinji dies unexpectedly and Rei is saddened in tears of her remorse.

  • Okay, don't take my word for this, but i have an idea about 4.44. remember how Shinji and Kaworu were originally piloting Evangelion 13 in hopes of obtaining The Lance of Longinus and the Spear of Cassius to undo the damage done by Third Impact? The plan failed because when the two arrived at Mark 6's gravesite, there were two Lances of Longinus; I.E. they had the wrong spears. rewind to 2.22. the short scene at the end of 2.22 revealed Mark 6 throwing the Spear of Cassius at Unit 01 (Pseudo-Evolved form). where is Unit 01? It is being used as the Main Power Supply for Wille's airship, the Wunder. Somehow, Unit 01 needs to be removed from WIlle (willingly or by force, either way would work…) and then the Lance of Longinus would need to be retrieved from Evangelion 13 which crash landed somewhere during the sh!tstorm that was Fourth Impact. Once that is marked off the list, the rest of the story will unfold into the epic conclusion. at least those are my thoughts.,,

  • Does anybody think that Rei Q will actually gain feelings for Shinji if possible?

  • Another prediction I had.
    -Gendo reveals that Shinji is a clone of himself, giving false memories of childhood.
    -Yui reveals to Shinji (in a dream) that he and Rei are destined to become Evangelion pilots in the first place since only children born after second impact could operate them.
    -Yui wanted Shinji to be raised normally so that he won't know any of his father's/clone's true plan for him when he is the proper age to pilot an Evangelion (14)
    -SEELE reveal themselves as humans mixed with angel DNA.
    -Shinji almost gets killed by SEELE, but Rei intervenes and battles all of SEELE.
    -SEELE fuses together to become a large angel (200 meters tall) and easily crushes WUNDER.
    -Kawaru reappears on top of the angel, teleports to Shinji, and mortally wounds him.
    -Kawaru reveals that everything was a part of his plan to become a god.
    -Gendo dies in order to protect Rei from Kawaru's attack.
    -Rei gets emotionally sad and mourns for the loss of both Shinji and Gendo.
    -Asuka and Mari go into berserk mode learning that Shinji is dead.
    -Misato attempts a suicidal attack to stop Kawaru's wrath.
    -Shinji is revived in his monstrous angel form, speaking "Shinji is dead. I am angel." and kills the SEELE angel.
    -Rei is terrified at the monster Shinji has become and cries in horror.
    -Shinji is brought back to his senses before being killed again by Kawaru.
    -Rei becomes an angelic being with wings and and slice Kawaru in two.
    -Shinji and Rei are greeted by spirits of Gendo and Yui (In Their Teenage form), telling them that they can be angels.
    -Shinji decides to be with his parents while Rei cries out for him.
    -Rei, immortal and unable to age or die, decides that she will wander to the ends of the earth.

  • I hope shinji ends up with asuka. That probably won't happen judging by what ive seen them do with her in the rebuilds. Anyway i think everybody important is gonna live like Shinji, Asuka, Rei, Mari, and Misato. But i think shinji will learn that he can find happiness and learn to like people. But Anno being the troll that he is prob won't have shinji hook up with anyone and leave us wondering where does everybody go from here. I also hope the scene with asuka fighting the mp evas make it. Her and Mari in Unit 8+2 are gonna kick some ass in this movie hopefully

  • There is concept art out now that people have gotten off a music video Anno & Shiro made. It shows the begining of 4.0 with Shinji, Asuka & Rei Q walking threw the destroyed city full of the FOIs. There's also a sketch with what looks like Misato consoling Shinji. It's good stuff. Some people have colored it in to make the images more clear. The music video is called Peaceful Times and has one of the voice actors doing vocals to an extended version of "NEXT Episode" if you wanna check it out.

  • I don't think 4.0 will be like End of Eva which makes it hard to predict. For one Anno said he was doing a new ending. Also End of Eva to some extent has already happened cause the rituals from 3rd impact were similar but not completed, so that puts us in an unusual spot in this continuity. 4th Impact was just hella crazy. I think it will start with Asuka catching Shinji and the audience up with what happened during the gap. There will be the battle of Wille against Gendo and his mass production Evas that look like there are thousands of. But the next phase of the ritual now that they have destroyed all the Angels is apparently killing a God. So, that I guess, will tie into whatever metaphysical crazyness is gonna happen cause I doubt it will be a straitforward battle movie. It's Eva of course. I hope we get to see Shinji finally come to grips with himself like the original episode 26 and then kick some mad ass like he did in 2.0. But I never could have predicted 3.0 so I know 4.0 is gonna be new and unexpected as well which is exciting.

  • I had a thought when you see most other anime series. Most of them have one guy surrounded by a number of females usually ending up as a harem situation. What Shinji ends up the only male left surrounded by female EVA pilots, Misato, some female classmates and a few NERV females .

  • Shinji becomes evil and kills most of the world. End Of Story.

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