Angry Video Game Nerd Discussion Thread

  • This is a thread for fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd or AVGN for short. You may discuss some funny moments from the reviews he has done to stay away from horrible NES games.

  • I think one of my favorite AVGN moments was the "Safety Pin" moment from his Action 52 review. While playing "Space Dreams" he noticed an enemy resembling a safety pin and pretends to be one of the programmers.

    AVGN: (pretending to be a programmer) Gee… what kind of enemy could I have for this game? I have 32 games left I have to program, so I have to hurry up. (picks up a safety pin) Ahh.... Safety pin! That'll be perfect!


  • My favorite review was "AVGN Games" where he plays the plays that are based on him.

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