Attack On Titan Manga Thread *SPOILER WARNING*

  • This is the thread that will be talking about the manga version of Attack On Titan.

  • Ah, thank you for starting this thread. I was just thinking about it recently, but never got around to it.

    A question though: Will this thread be for Kodansha's volume releases or the monthly magazine releases (since CR has the series for simulpub)?

    I finished volume 9 a couple weeks ago and am waiting for volume 10 to ship. I ordered it with my January/February manga from TRSI so I'll probably be waiting a couple more weeks to get it. But once volume 11 is out at the end of this month I'll be jumping to the simulpub release on CR (still collect the physical volumes, but just to keep up with the series without fear of spoilers) since chapter 46 is where volume 11 ends.

  • I never actually read the manga, but I will start if I have to get ahead of the anime series. I never knew that the Director of Guilty Crown, Death Note, and (sadly) Highschool Of The Dead would direct the anime series.

    P.S.: I haven't watched the anime either but waiting for a Dub Release.

  • I believe each ep of the anime follows one chapter of the manga. I started reading it after the anime finished.


    A question though: Will this thread be for Kodansha's volume releases or the monthly magazine releases (since CR has the series for simulpub)?

    What do you mean here? I know CR recently added manga to the site but I'm confused as to the monthly release/volume release part.

  • @Forlorn:

    What do you mean here? I know CR recently added manga to the site but I'm confused as to the monthly release/volume release part.

    Well, there are the official English volumes put out by Kodansha, and naturally they are behind the monthly magazine releases in Japan (aka scans or now the legal alternative of CR Manga, which currently has back issues starting from 46 but that will likely fall off after volume 12 comes out, and they are only available to All-Access or Manga members). Those people following the volume releases might want to talk about the manga, but obviously so do those up-to-date with the latest chapter in Japan. So the for the former group discussing the series would be difficult in a thread with discussions about content in the latest chapters because they could be spoiled quite easily. Since both are ongoing releases there would be probably 2 different paths of discussion, and avoiding spoilers would just be plain difficult if both are in the same thread.

  • We could always just put Spoiler Alert at the top of the post but I suppose that could be confusing if you don't specify how far you're talking about. Though just seeing that should be enough to know the person is talking about the most recent chapter(s).

    Edit: Just realized your avatar is Levi is it not?

  • I suppose that's true, and it's possible to make text white so you have to highlight it to read. If we could update the first post with rules stating something like "if discussing latest chapter or something not yet in the English volumes give a spoiler warning at beginning of your post and write spoilers in white text." Of course it'd also have to give the proper tag to do so but I can probably dig that up when I get home (on my phone right now). I THINK just writing color=white for the tag should work, but I'm not sure. If we had actual spoiler tags that'd be easier, but what can you do.

    EDIT: Okay, the [/ color] (without that space, of course) tag does work for making the text invisible unless you highlight to read it. I think that and writing something to indicate where the spoilers are (just so people know there's more to the post than what's immediately visible) should be good. If we follow with putting all comments related to material beyond where the English volumes are at the time of posting under that tag and write "spoilers" at the top of those posts that should be more than enough. If we can have the first post updated with

    "Thread Rules:

    If posting material not yet released in the English volumes from Kodansha, please put a spoiler warning at the beginning of your post. Also tag spoiler comments using the [/ color] code and mark the beginning and end of these comments with something similar to <begin spoilers="">. Material covered by the current Kodansha volume releases will be deemed fair game for untagged discussion, so newcomers should read at their own risk but still feel free to post their thoughts."

    Or something similar. Depending on how much the monthly releases are discussed in comparison to the volumes things could be changed. If nobody is discussing the volumes then I think it would be fair to drop the spoiler tags and update the first post/thread title to indicate that the discussion is about the most current releases, or if nobody is discussing the latest chapters to show that discussion is centered on the volumes put out by Kodansha.

    And yes, that's Levi all right. ^^ It's from one of the episode end cards, episode 22 or 23 I think. I should be able find the link to where I got the image from if you're interested in the end card illustrations. EDIT: here's the link to the blog listing all of the end cards GokuMew2 posted this over on ANN when the show was airing.</begin>

  • Let's talk about predictions for the manga series. Like all predictions, they don't have to be true.

  • Since the thread details concerning spoilers haven't been entirely ironed out yet, I'll warn that the following are spoilers up through volume 9. If somebody wants them tagged with the spoiler coding mentioned before just let me know and I'll add them in.

    The things that I'm really focused in on after finishing volume 9 (up through chapter 38, I believe) are Pastor Nick/the Walls and the mysterious appearance of Titans within Wall Rose without seeming to have broken through the Wall to get in.

    I'm really annoyed with Pastor Nick's attitude concerning the Walls and Titans inside them. He knows that people will keep getting killed by the Titans, and that eventually humanity will be wiped out, yet he has the nerve to keep potentially vital information secret? It seems Christa could be able to get some of that information out in the open, but why is this stuff secret in the first place? It comes across like somebody higher up WANTS to keep humanity at a disadvantage. Annie's actions also feel that way. Why did she do what she did? Is there some reason to keep humanity caged, that humans shouldn't be able to venture outside the Walls?

    And then there's Connie's village, with that Titan in his house implying that the Titans that suddenly appeared are all actually more humans who have turned into Titans, so maybe all Titans were originally human somehow, and if that's the case then could there be humans living well beyond the Walls and where the Survey Corps was able to explore? I'm curious to see where this is going, if there's possibly a way to change these Titans back (as they aren't like the Titan-shifters shown so far it might not be possible), and whether or not we'll get more information on the Colossal Titan and Armored Titan and why they attacked the Walls.

    Also, with the exchange between Ymir and Reiner and the Ape Titan, who can talk, showing up, things are getting really interesting. And Sasha's grown on me now as well. She needed that extra time to show more of who she is. Volume 9 was pretty good and now I'm getting impatient waiting for 10.

  • I just got all caught up in this manga (well, just started it really, but since it's not got a whole lot out yet it didn't take long), so I'm now stuck where you guys are - we know a lot of what's happening, but there's still so much that's not understood yet in this series. I'm enjoying it though, can't wait to see where it ends up.

    Does anyone know if this is a weekly series in Japan, or monthly though? I'm guessing monthly with how long it's been around and how long the chapters are.

  • It's a monthly series.

    Glad you're enjoying it so far. Hope you're not getting too attached to the characters. I made the mistake of starting to like some of them and it's brutal at times wondering which of them will be next. I wasn't expecting that to happen to Petra. :( I'm hoping Levi, Hanji, Sasha, and Jean make it through to the end all right, but I've got my doubts about Levi surviving. The main trio should be fine until at least the very end. The backs of the volumes even black out the characters (but it's just the 104th Trainees) once they're gone.

  • Thanks, I assumed as much, but I couldn't actually find anything listing it as such.

    I did make the mistake of getting attached to a few people (but I forget who now), yeah. :/ This is definitely one of those manga where nobody is safe, not even necassarily the leads (though yeah, pretty safe to assume the main three are gonna last for a while). Even if they don't die though, you never know where someone's true loyalty is gonna turn out to lie.

    So far, I think my two favorite characters are Connie (who I really hope makes it for a while) and Sasha.

  • TRSI partially shipped my Jan/Feb manga order, so I got volume 10 in the mail today. As with my previous post, since the spoiler rules haven't been completely ironed out yet I'll warn that there are spoilers up through volume 10 to follow.

    Ymir just became a lot more interesting with this volume. And with it finally being confirmed that Reiner and Bertolt are also Titan-shifters (all those hints… took forever for it to finally come out into the open, though the reveal felt a little sloppy to me personally) things are just getting more crazy. With their babbling on about going home and being warriors and everything, it once again suggests to me that there are humans outside the Walls, though perhaps they are all Titan-shifters. I'm going to guess that Eren's dad, and likely some other people along with him, came across something that belonging to Annie/Reiner/Bertolot's village (the serum used to make Eren a Titan-shifter and other secrets pertaining to the exterior and why humanity has been caged?) and to get it back they launched an attack on the Walls. They did say that they would halt attacking the Walls if Eren agreed to go with them, and Eren's dad appears to be very knowledgeable about the Titans with the secret to everything supposedly waiting in the basement. I'm very interested in where this is going as far as why humanity has been caged like this.

    Volume 11 doesn't come out until the end of the month. Not really that much longer to go, but I wish I could read it now.

  • I have no clue where the issues are at since I've been reading it online, just going to comment on previous posts for now to avoid spoiling for others. Plus, I think the newest chapter is out and I haven't read that yet so I'd be setting myself up for spoilers.

    Anyway, @Firefly: what do you mean about the hints referring to Reiner and Bertholdt? I've heard about those before from other people but I never caught any other than realizing the armored titan's hair was Reiner's(though only after he'd already confessed T_T). And I agree about Petra and the others of Levi's squad. That bummed me out, especially with the scenes of their families ready for their return.

    Based off the last post, I'm guessing that everyone reading so far is at the part where they're on the wall looking for the breach. That ape titan thing is pretty odd. I'm curious as to how he controlled the other titans. That reminds me of that soldier who was killed when the ape titan examined the maneuver gear. I forget his name but that bummed me out too. I was expecting him to survive. I remember ANN had an article about the author mentioning that he's considering "betraying" his fans with the ending. That worries me but I don't think he'd be that stupid. (knock on wood)

  • Volume 10 just ended at chapter 42 with Eren getting ready to fight, and 11 will end with 46. 12 won't be out until March I think? It's in with my March/April order so it's one of the two.

    The main hint I'm referring to are the deal with when the Female Titan caught Reiner in her hand but he managed to escape unharmed. That was a major red flag to me and the one that prompted my suspicions. As Armin noted, that was when the Female Titan altered her course in the direction Armin had assumed Eren would most likely be. I assumed that he would be a Titan-shifter (though not the Armored one for sure, though it made sense with his hair style seeming to match) from that, and thus that Bertolt likely would be one too since they spend so much time together. There's also the exchange between Ymir and Reiner after Ymir deliberately changes the subject away from Connie's village when they are resting in Utgart Castle before the Titans appear.

    That soldier whose name you're trying to remember is Mike. His death was rather unexpected since he was talked up to be one of the top Survey Corps soldiers. And he basically just got eaten with no blaze of glory. Just goes to show that not everybody gets a flashy death, even if they are amongst the best. Marco just randomly died as well.

    I wonder if the Ape Titan is anybody we know, but I'm assuming not since he doesn't know about the 3D Gear.

    I read the article you're referring to, though on Crunchyroll. He said he was considering changing the ending because he DIDN'T want to leave fans traumatized with an overly depressing/tragic ending (what I assume you mean by "betrayal"). It sounds like he was originally planning on killing a bunch of characters off but has since changed his mind. I still have my doubts about Levi surviving, but it gives me some hope to hold onto.

  • Is Mikasa X Eren possible?

  • @Zethus:

    Is Mikasa X Eren possible?

    Romance isn't really in play in the story… There have been some background characters whose names I can't remember who had feelings for each other, and it's shown that Petra admired and might have had deeper feelings for Levi (and the anime gave me the impression that he might have had feelings for her after episode 22, but that's just what I personally took away from the added scenes), but beyond that there isn't much other than a few jokes about the guys wanting to marry Krista. Mikasa definitely has a very strong attachment to Eren (it's kind of unhealthy in a way), and her words and actions show that her feelings might be romantic in nature, though it's entirely possible that she's just majorly over-protective of her only remaining "family". Eren on the other hand doesn't seem to have any romantic feelings for her at this point, and I think he still views her as an adoptive sister. So, I guess it's possible they'll end up together, but I would not be at all surprised if they did not.

  • I'm glad he's changed his mind on the ending. As for Levi's survival, I think killing him off would be a foolish idea, especially since he's such a badass. I think that characters who have more focus, as in storywise and backgrounds, aren't likely to be killed off. For example, Mike: like you said, built up as a top soldier but not really given much background story. Mikasa, on the other hand, was given a bit. We saw how she came to be part of Eren's family and scenes of their childhood before the colossal titan's first appearance. Now, with Levi though, he has a lot of focus and some background story so it probably could go either way. If he is killed off(knock on wood), it had better be an epic standoff or something.

  • !
    ! So it seems like we're going to have more focus on the conspiracies and such inside the walls for a bit instead of focus on the titans. I actually like that though. It adds more to the overall story and makes it that much better. As to the experiments with Eren, I'm surprised that nobody (especially Hanji) didn't realize or even consider that the reason it got harder for Eren and why his titan form gotr smaller was because he was being pushed far beyond his limits. Annie was only able to transform twice and then rested for a day or so I believe and she was used to it already. Maybe the person's current state, exhausted or full of energy, determines how the transformation comes out. Hell, maybe it's like weight lifting: the more you do it, the more you'll be able to do. I'm wondering if that's why Eren started fusing more with his titan form: he was exhausted. When he had to lift the boulder, the titan in him had control at first. Maybe if the person isn't mentally and physically rested, the titan inside starts to take over until they become one entirely. Or maybe the more transformations a titan-shifter does without an equivalent amount of rest, that makes the fusing start more quickly. A crap ton of speculation on my part and barely anything at all to back it up, but it makes sense. Of course, we'll never know for sure until it gets that far.
    ! >!
    ! Does this thread pertain to Before the Fall as well or just the original manga? I'm reading that online too so if that hasn't even been licensed and released here yet then I can understand why the thread might not include it. So far, it hasn't really shown anything pertaining to what's going on in the original so I don't talking about it as well would spoil anything.

  • @Forlorn:

    Does this thread pertain to Before the Fall as well or just the original manga? I'm reading that online too so if that hasn't even been licensed and released here yet then I can understand why the thread might not include it. So far, it hasn't really shown anything pertaining to what's going on in the original so I don't talking about it as well would spoil anything.

    I don't care if we lump all of the spin-offs into just this one thread, personally. I guess just mark comments pertaining to whatever spin-off you're talking about so that people don't mistakenly think it's about the main series.

    "Before the Fall"'s light novels have been licensed by Vertical, I think they're set to start releasing this year. Kodansha licensed the manga and the first volume of that comes out sometime soon. Kodansha also picked up the "Inside and Outside Guide Book", which is due out in June. And they also got the Levi-centric "A Choice with No Regrets" spin-off (though I think they're just calling it "No Regrets"), whose first volume is set for August.

    Of those, I read the prologue chapter of the "No Regrets" spin-off before Kodansha announced they would be publishing it. Now I've got it on hold and am (im)patiently waiting for Kodansha to put out volume 1. The art in the prologue looked pretty nice, but there wasn't a whole lot going on since it was so short.

    Planning on buying the Guide Book with my May/June or June/July TRSI manga order, but I'm waiting for more listings to go up first. I don't even know if they have the Guide Book up yet.

    Haven't gotten to "Before the Fall" yet. I'm interested in it, but I'm not sure if I should go for the manga or the light novels. I was hoping for opinions from fans who've tried both, but yeah… Light novel. Probably not been translated. Is the art in the manga version good? Is the story overall worth picking up?

  • The art looks pretty much the same as it is in Attack on Titan. I guess that would be more of an opinion though. I'm sure if there's a difference I'm not seeing, someone else might. As for the story, it's interesting, but a little slow to start. So far, only 3 chapters are out I believe and I don't know how long it's going to be so it might just be building up right now.

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