Where are the videos

  • When I go into the video section to try and watch this anime there are only like 6 videos shouldn't there be 24?

  • Wow. I only see 4 videos there.

    Yes, there should be 24.

  • Yup, me too. Only 4 videos, yet it says there's 24 episodes. WHAT WHAAAAAAAT?!?!? Doesn't seem like they are hurrying to fix this. The other posts on this thread are going on three weeks old. No one's answered yet. RATZ!!! It's a good series so far.

  • This is pretty weird. They have all the episodes listed in the guide with descriptions and images. Just as weird the video tab says 6 but there is only 4 videos being shown.

  • Might want to post this issue in the tech support, the IT guys don't frequent the anime specific boards often.

  • REALLY??????? It's almost a full year later, and this hasn't been addressed….why am I paying $10 a month for?????

  • I'm just curious where the extra $2 is going. O_o

    Seriously, though– what Stock said above is correct-- these forums aren't ones I normally check. I happened to see your new post pop up, but only because I happened to see it-- tech support only technically monitors the Help forums, though I try to keep a bit of an eye on the EVS and General forums as well.

    There are a small number of shows that are not included with your EVS membership and Chrono Crusade is one of them. This is due to arrangements with our licencors. These shows are also not counted in any show or episode counts that refer to the Elite Video Subscription.

    In the particular case of Chrono Crusade, we do not have the rights to stream more than the first four episodes as promo episodes at this time and those episodes must be shown with commercial interruption. The other two videos to make up "6" are the trailers.

    Right now, the Guide is missing all but the four episodes we have, which is actually NOT expected behavior. The Guide is intended to be exactly that-- a guide, and not necessarily to say what episodes we have, so it's actually not working as expected now. However, we're making some changes to the guide on the back end in the coming days, so I'll have to see if it's still like that after the new changes.

  • This post is deleted!

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