Video Quality

  • ever since the update I have been re-watching series and the video quality is garbage at best. don't get me wrong I love Funimation with all my heart so this makes me so sad. I have tried re-watching Attack on titan, Tokyo Ghoul and a few others after setting the video quality to high the streaming still comes in at around 480p and that's on both my phone and Playstation. I've tried resetting them I've tried pausing them and letting them buffer but nothing changes. I would assume it was my internet or phone carrier but I have a 55 Mbp download at my house and when I stream Youtube videos there my carrier they are 1080p. Im not sure what happened with this new update but if this keeps up I'll probably end up leaving Funimation.

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  • Not sure about the PS app but if you're watching on your browser, try setting your video quality to "auto" under your account settings. Seems to produce the best result in my experience.

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