Disgaea 5 COMPLETE

  • So, I pre-ordered the Special edition of Disgaea 5 Complete for the switch as soon as it was announced. I bought the Switch with no actually games to play until it released. Early March to late May is a big wait time but I figured if I didn’t get the Switch at launch I may not be able to get one at all in time for Disgaea’s release.
    For the game and all the stuff that it comes with in the special edition it came to $97 or so. So basically I spent $400 to play one game… I went without food for a bit but hey, I’m sure it will all have been worth it. Once my game finally comes in.
    Did anyone play Disgaea on the PS4 or is there anyone else getting it for the Switch? So far the game has 120,000 pre-orders in the US and Europe, which is odd when you find out the game only sold 20,000 copies in its home country. Could be due to it being a launch title in Japan and having to compete against Zelda for sales.

  • It may have to do with that and more than likely most people already have the ps4 version and see no reason for double dipping

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