Is code geass coming to funimation

  • i was just wandering if code geass coming to Funimation you release some thing on your blog abut it but i don't see it is coming in the new year?

  • There has been absolutely no talk, rumor, or confirmation of Code Geass coming to Toonami, and the blog post you're referencing does not exist in any plane of existence other than inside your own mind

  • ^ Riles, he said nothing about Code Geass coming to Toonami. He said if it was "coming to FUNimation", which I think he means if it'll be coming to FUNi's web player here on the site.

    To answer your question, MCDC, yes, FUNimation recently acquired the rights to both seasons of Code Geass, as well as the OVA Akito the Exiled. Here's the press release right here from ANN:

    As to whether or not it will ever appear on, there is nothing concrete, but seeing as most shows that FUNi licenses eventually end up here sooner or later, I think it'll eventually happen.

  • thanks you for the link. did the say wen are they going to put in on the sit ?

  • No there has been no set time, nor confirmation that it would even be put on the site in the first place, just as SpacemanHardy said in the post above.

  • I really hope Funimation can put this up on the site. I love Code Geass.

  • Honestly, I would be satisfied if they came out with a blu-ray release of Code Geass. North America is the only region that has not gotten a Blu-Ray release. In addition, it's near impossible to find any new copies of the complete series of Code Geass for a reasonable price sadly.

    Hopefully we will get some kind of news soon, though I find with each passing month that is becoming more and more unlikely and I suspect that Funimation is merely camping on the license to make the money off of what is left in circulation.

  • @AlSmash:

    I suspect that Funimation is merely camping on the license to make the money off of what is left in circulation.

    FUNimation would not make any money off the DVDs that have already been released and sold to stores.

  • They might rerelease the show later this year.

  • Just hope it doesn't take too long. I feel bad enough that I missed my shot to get Code Geass before Bandai went under. I also hope they do a good job with the extras and packaging. If it was on the Bandai release, I want… no, I demand that it is also on FUNi release. No more bare bones sh*t like when they got Love Hina.

  • You could always import it from Great Britain.

    God knows why they get a release and we don't, but there you have it.

  • We got a release, Bandai released it years ago and then got closed down.
    There are copies still available:

    As for the BDs, they were made after Bandai was dead and gone, chances are we'll get them when Funi starts physical releases.

  • is there an ETA for a Funimation blu-ray release?

  • nope, not yet

  • @Getchman:

    nope, not yet

    lol wow that was such a fast response

  • @Constipator:

    is there an ETA for a Funimation blu-ray release?

    No, but a lot of people (myself included) are hoping to see an announcement soon, as Bebop and Lucky Star have both finally been announced.

  • I hope they add/engineer a English 5.1 Surround Sound track since the Japanese have it in their new 5.1 Blu ray box sets!

  • If it comes, it comes, if it doesn't it doesn't….patience is always the key
    Though I prefer the manga to the anime

  • I doubt it will be ever released. We have not heard ANY news in over a year and frankly, I don't see Funimation dropping any money on it. It's not in their monetary interest when they can simply just sit on the license and make money off of it. Hell, I doubt they will be releasing any Akito as well, so frankly, I have no hope Funimation is going to do anything with the license and have just decided to pony up money for the Japanese blu-ray release because of Funimation's lack of communication and odd policy.

  • Oh ye of little patience.

    When they made the announcement at Otakon last year, they very specifically mentioned that they had JUST gotten the rights to it. They would still have to receive all the proper materials, dot every i, cross every t, and cut through all the legal mumbo jumbo before the show is actually ready to ship. AND they have to do all this all while handling all of their other popular titles as well. Not to mention that Akito the Exiled needs to be dubbed first.

    When they first announced all the Bandai rescues, they made it pretty obvious that Bebop would be their main focus, as that is the title that is going to be the biggest money maker. Once it's out of the way, then they'll have time to go back and trickle out all the other properties they picked up. And I'm pretty sure Code Geass is quite high up on that priority list.

    Also, this statement of yours:


    It's not in their monetary interest when they can simply just sit on the license and make money off of it.

    Is completely silly. You can't make money off of a license if you do nothing with it. Even though they're taking their time with it, rest assured FUNi wants to get Code Geass out as soon as they can.

    Rome wasn't built in a day, you know. ~_^

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    Rome wasn't built in a day, you know.

    It depends on what history you go by.

    At the end of the X-Men Days of Future Past it shows a pyramid being built in less than a day.

    Also, I can build a mini replica in less than a day with the proper materials.

    So it is possible to build Rome in a day.

    Don't be jealous because I have some arts and craft skills with a little imagination.

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