While waiting on Disgaea 5 Complete

  • So, I've played many of the Disgaea games and have been a big fan of them for quite a while. Never actually knew there was an Anime. When I went to the NIS America web site recently to order the special edition of Disgaea 5 Complete for the Nintendo Switch I saw something on there that mentioned the Anime and saw that it was published by Funimation. Well first thing I did was look for it streaming on the funimation service and there it was. Not sure how I kept missing this each time I went to look for something to watch.

    Just a heads up for anyone who may watch it as well, Disgaea is a bit random and takes very little seriously..

  • Yeah, the Disgaea anime's been around for a LONG time now. 14 years, in fact. It was originally licensed by Geneon back in the day, and was one of the first titles that Funimation rescued from them after they went under.

  • Well, I'm a little late to the party then.

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