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  • It's a bit late but I thought I'd start this up since Persona 5 is out and all. I have been playing the series since Persona 3. Which Persona game was your guys' first?

  • Now THIS is a thread I can get behind!

    First game was Persona 4. Picked it up on the PSN Marketplace about 4 years ago and it was a fantastic gateway. I got into playing a bit of Persona 3 afterwards but I was never able to finish it proper. Even if the narrative was pretty strong I wasn't quite as into the cast of characters as I was from 4 (P.S. Junpei can piss off).

    Now I'm playing Persona 5, 88 hours into my first playthrough and getting close to what I feel is the final arc. I don't buy that this is the end, especially since it's still September.

  • You've got a while, I just started my second playthrough and I like that I get to keep my gear, unlike Persona 4.

  • Wait my mistake, I meant to type that I'm in December, AKA Palace #7.

  • When you get to the true end you'll feel the finality of it, trust me

  • Also question: P3-P5, best girls. Go!

    Persona 3 - Aigis

    alt text

    Persona 4 - Rise Kujikawa

    alt text

    Persona 5: Makoto Nijima

    alt text

  • Between the 3DS and PSVita I pretty much have all the SMT games (not just persona). I actually prefer the More Adult Main series games versus Persona but was really happy when #(sharp)FE came out. It was really great to have a Mix of Fire Emblem into the Colorful World of Persona.

  • Same here but between the PS3, PS Vita, PS4 and 3ds for me. I still need to finish Tokyo Mirage Sessions, I'll probably have to restart because I forgot where I was in the story

  • I've been loving Persona 5! I don't want it to end. I hope Atlus does an HD release of the older games or remake them since I missed out on them.

  • I would love to have P3-P5 essentially on my PS4, and if they give us Persona 1 and 2 as well that would be awesome

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