Funimation Support is horrible

  • I've been having billing issues since January. I was emailed in March that the issue was resolved but it has not been resolved because the billing system still won't accept my payment(which I know is valid) and now Support won't even reply to my emails.

    It's a shame they don't want my money.

  • I'm sorry you're having issues. Let me try contacting @FunimationHelp on your behalf and let's see if we can get things straightened out.

  • Anybody having issues on FUNimation now on the Roku app with freezing and crashing every time when they watch the episode

  • @bigbearman It is a known issue that will hopefully be resolved by the new channel coming very soon. Like really soon. I'm not allowed to say the date, unfortunately, but it's very soon.

  • FUNimation now the app has been having issues for 5 months myself and my friends are losing patience I hope this app gets fixed

  • @Sophie does that include apple tv? Because it's like 7 or 8 months now and I still can't get past the login in screen.

  • I agree that Funimation has terrible customer service and support. They have no live support, and they don't respond to tickets in 48-100 hours, and in many cases, not at all. Even tweeting them doesn't solve anything. Why can't they have some sort of live support, or more promptly respond and resolve e-mail tickets? They obviously don't have customer support people. As a matter of fact, most anime distributers have no live customer service, nor respond to e-mail support promptly.

    They could have account or streaming issues that need to be resolved quickly. Something needs to change.

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