Steins Gate only plays in English dub?

  • I have previously started rewatching steins:gate where I prefer the subbed Japanese version over English dub. The language selection initially worked but will now only play English no matter if subbed version selected. This is a bummer to say the least. Please fix. Have not checked other series yet for same problem. Thank you

  • what are you trying to watch it on?

  • Im having the same issue with rage of bahamut. Watched the first 4 in japanese, now every ep is only english dub. Also outlaw star, tokyo esp and others. Also anyone know why some shows still have add even with premium, like toriko? I asked on their twitter with no response.
    On ps4

  • @Thatvitastruggle

    subbed eps of Bahamut and Tokyo ESP were recently transferred to crunchyroll. subbed eps of Outlaw Star will likely find their way to CR in the near future. Toriko has never had decent streaming, and we can thank Toei for that

  • @TopheKaneki

    Japanese language track is still there and working for me on the couple of episodes I did try, might be worth throwing a support ticket up about this issue and let funi's tech team know about your issue. You could also contact them on twitter @FunimationHelp, which might get you a faster response.


    When will subtitles on FunimationNow go away?
    Subtitled content for titles affected by this agreement will be removed from FunimationNow in phases, with the transition expected to be completed by the end of 2016. We will keep you up to date with these changes on our Blog. Subtitled content for a small selection of titles will remain on FunimationNow based on previous licensor agreements.

    Rage of Bahamut (along with High School DxD S1 + Mikagura School Suite ) recently made their way over to Crunchyroll, which explains why the subtitled option for those shows no longer are available. As for Tiroko, FUNimation use to have a lovely FAQ about it saying for some of their content they don't have subscription (SVOD) rights for them so certain videos will serve ads to subscribers.

  • @Rejectedshadow very interesting. I just let me crunchyroll expire due to using funimation mostly the past 2 months. Time to go back i guess. Thanks you! it was really annoying me.

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