Any other way to contact Funimation other than submitting a ticket?

  • For those too lazy to read the entire post, I've put the important parts in bold...sorta.

    I submitted a ticket to Funimation back on April 11th about being charged on my VISA by them twice. It was about a day or so apart. One charge was for $59.99 and the other was for $59.95. I haven't bought anything from Funimation except for the yearly streaming subscription. I have now paid for basically a year of subscriptions twice and have not heard anything back (it is now almost a month later) . It is quite frustrating because I need to have any money available that I can for other expenses such as other bills, groceries, gas, etc. I'm really not sure what to do or how long to wait. Does anyone suggest sending in another ticket?

    I feel like I got charged twice because on the website said that I had a free account so I got ads, but on my Xbox One it knew that I had a paid subscription. After being fed up with having ads on the website (and not getting a response from Funi), I went with a free trial and then got charged after the trial ended. I believe it was around the same that I paid for the yearly subscription last year, and so then my card got charged again. I had to re-enter my credit card because it wasn't even on my account anymore when they changed their new website layout.

    If anyone has any suggestions or ways to help, that would be great. It is unfortunate to see that Funimation is not great at getting back to people when they submit tickets for help. Maybe they get back to others faster when certain reasons are chosen in their submission. Which ones those would be though, are unknown to me. I wasn't even sure which reason to choose for this problem (and I don't remember what I chose either).

    Also in their email about the case being open: It is our goal to address every concern within 1-2 business days; however, due to the current volume of tickets please allow our Customer Service Team 3-4 days to respond to your inquiry. (I think it's been longer Funi).

  • @diabolikdragon

    You could try the @FunimationHelp

    Good Luck.

  • I contacted @FunimationHelp on Twitter on your behalf. Hopefully you should get a response from them soon.

  • @valyn76 @SpacemanHardy Thank you both! I contacted them on Twitter as well. I was unaware of that twitter account. I got a response from them and will hopefully get this situation figured out soon. Thank you for contacting them on Twitter as well, SpacemanHardy.

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