Name the Source Material game

  • This game is meant to cater to those titles that do not have anime adaptations, either yet or ever. Of course titles with anime adaptations are allowed, but there are a few restrictions on how you can describe those titles.

    Here are the rules of this game.

    1. You have a maximum of eight hints to describe a title. Your first hint must include both the type of source material (manga, light novel, game, or other) and whether or not there is or will be an anime adaptation at the time you post your first hint. If the title has any live-action adaptations as well, you may also mention it in your first hint, provided you describe the type of live-action adaptation (film or series).

    2. Your hints must describe the source material in some way. Hints that only describe aspects of an anime adaptation (such as animation studio, number of seasons, or members of staff) are not allowed. Acceptable examples of using an anime adaptation in your hints include how faithful the anime is to the source material or how far into the source material the anime adapts. The only exception to this rule is if the original source material is an anime itself.

    3. If you are the one posting hints, try to post at least one hint per day if you can. This is so the game does not stall for long periods at a time.

    4. If you are guessing the title, you may post a maximum of three titles per hint. Once you make three guesses you may only guess again (with a new quota of three guesses) if the hint giver declares that your guesses are wrong. Once a new hint is given all limits automatically reset.

    5. The person who guesses the title correctly becomes the next hint giver.

    Let's see if this game provides some extra challenge. Other than that, have fun!

  • As the creator of this thread, I will begin first.

    Hint 1: This is a light novel series that at this time does not have an anime adaptation.

  • My first guess is Goblin Slayer?

  • Gosh, I was expecting more than one person posting guesses by now.

    @nubguy Let me elaborate a bit more on rule 4; you have three guesses per hint, which you can either use all at once or through separate posts. Once you've made three guesses you have to wait until either a new hint is posted or the hint giver declares your guesses are wrong, at which point you have three new guesses to use.

    By the way, it is not Goblin Slayer, so you're back up to three guesses.

  • Hint 2: There are parts in the series told from the protagonist's point of view and parts that are told from the view of the main antagonist of each volume.

  • @GalaxyCrisis said in Name the Source Material game:

    Gosh, I was expecting more than one person posting guesses by now.

    Well I would gladly play with you guys but I don't know anything about source material so playing the game for me would be about blindly searching hints on Google all the time, I'd rather rely on what I know instead so I won't be of any use here.

  • Hint 3: The author's previous two series have anime adaptations; one of them is a major hit.

  • Hint 4: Like the aforementioned major hit, this series first appeared online.

  • Is it The Isolator?

  • @SpacemanHardy said in Name the Source Material game:

    Is it The Isolator?

    I guess the word "online" in my last hint kind of gave it away, didn't it?


    Yes, it's The Isolator by Reki Kawahara, author of Sword Art Online and Accel World. Unlike those two series, a virtual game is not a major element of the plot; it focuses around a group of people with powers derived from alien entities that inhabit their bodies.

  • Hint 1: This is a manga that has no anime adaptation, but does have a series of live-action films.

  • 20th Century Boys

  • Lady Snowblood

  • Lone Wolf & Cub

  • @korrailli said in Name the Source Material game:

    20th Century Boys

    Wow, nailed it on the first try. Good job. ^_^

  • Hint 1: This is a manga with no adaptations.

  • Is it Psyren?

  • Hayate X Blade

    (In a just world, it would have one)

  • Hint 2: It takes from a series of stories from the 1800's

  • Is it either Count Cain or Cain Saga?

  • Hint 3: Main character is a dog

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