Blu-Ray Discs not playing after only a few years

  • Running across several Blu-ray sets that discs will no longer play in any player. Created a support case weeks ago, about what options there are for replacement, but have not had any response. Has anyone had any experience with replacing defective discs after a year or more? Seems that the media should last longer than just a few years and of course support needs to work on their response times.

  • Sorry its of no help now, but I learned to rip all disc-based media and the store the backups on a hard drive. Discs aren't particularly durable after all. There are software like MakeMKV, DVDfab, or Handbrake which could do this for you. It's often tedious, and with some software there is a learning curve, but that way you'll know your media is safe and you can also watch everything on your computer with ease.

    Even if the disc is damaged and doesn't play properly in your player, there is still a chance the data is safe and a rip can be made.

    With drives like this you can play/rip DVDs and BDs to your computer.

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