HAL (Haru) release timeline?

  • Great pickup! It's out in Japan so I hope that means you'll have it soon.

    I couldn't wait for it and don't need subs so I got the import and it is ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY AMAZING! I hope you guys are subbing this and even considering dubbing it as I'd like my wife to watch it but she doesn't understand Japanese and would prefer a dub rather than reading subs.

    I hope you got the rights to the box artwork etc. as well as it is a beautiful import package. I hope you will stream it as well. Oh, and I hope you can release it on Bluray as it is, have I said it already, simply gorgeous!!!

    Oh, and would a theatrical release be asking too much? 60 minutes may be too short but I'd love to see it on a big screen. Am I asking for too much? Probably but this amazing film deserves a wide release.

  • Why don't you ask for the moon while you're at it!

    I'm glad to hear it was good, since it's a film I was looking forward to seeing.

    Aniplex is using them much more than Funi, but with Eva 3.33 screenings distributed through Eleven Arts and planning through Eventful, it's possible if there's enough demand in enough markets.

  • Funi has been doing Wolf Children as well. Ame and Yuki got MUCH more exposure in Japan and Eva is… Eva but even if Funi just does it for small releases like film festival screenings I would be cool with that. This is just a film that deserves to be seen. I am going to watch it again right now... it is just that good!

  • Is there any more news on this? I have been unable to find anything as far as its timeline is concerned.

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