• Every time i go to watch a show i keep getting an error not available and it's every show

  • Just to be clear, you are watching within the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand, correct?

  • Recently, i received a warning that there was, "excessive load", however, i just waited a little bit, then refreshed the page and it was fine. i may have also seen a message on one of the videos i was watching that it was "not available" or something like that - - that proved to be a temporary situation as well. sometimes i'll be on this site odd hours, therefore, perhaps i'm running into times where they are performing maintenance...

  • I've gotten the same error of, "not available in your country" or whatever.. I've also gotten a "mature content; denied access" error too (it was while watching Claymore, lol) even though I triple checked that it was disabled.

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