Schedule Page

  • Why are shows that are already available being shown on the schedule? Shouldn't this be for newly released material so subscribers know when/what is coming out?

  • Pretty sure you read it wrong. The oldest date on there is 5/2 which is today (May 2nd). Repeats of shows are for upcoming new episodes or updates to older versions.

  • Stuff that's already available being reuploaded usually means that there was something changed. Shows that are getting a home video release, for example, typically swap out the broadcast cut with the uncut version on the same day as its release. This is what's happening for Gangsta, for example

    Castle Town Dandelion's inclusion is probably signifies that the show is getting changed from a subscribers-only show to being available to non-subscribers as well

    For recent broadcast dubs like Akiba's Trip, your guess is as good as mine. Maybe it's signifying availability for non-subscribers? Maybe in Fuuka's case, an insert song got dubbed and the episode was reuploaded, which is why only episodes 4 and 7 specifically are mentioned on the schedule? I'm not sure. It would definitely be nice if the schedule page could note what exactly is being changed between uploads, sort of like patch notes

  • @Riles they should do something like a patch note. That would be very cool. I always wonder what the update was for old episode.

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