stick to the anime

  • We don't need recap real life commentary episodes of the episodes. Save that money and time for other things, plus it makes picking the next episode annoying, or fix it to where they don't show up in your que as the NEXT EPISODE.

  • @DUST2332 lol do you mean like how it shows two episode 17s for a show like MHA? Because if you do I agree with you. After watching actual shows it's like up next episode 17 (again) and I'm like.......okay? Then I see commentary and get pissed. I would think they should name it something else or put it up as extras not as a continuation to the episode. But hey, who knows what the idea behind that is?

  • I dunno, I rather like the behind the scenes episodes and commentaries. But I do agree that they should be put in the "Extras" tab and not listed along with the episodes proper.

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