For those not pleased with G-Mail's new interface...

  • I know this is not anime related, but, figured there might be some people here using g-mail. i don't know. i don't particularly care for what they have done now with the new look where you have to do an extra step at the end to REMOVE your account from being listed - - sooo annoying... utilizing this:
    i find that i can load a more basic version of g-mail AND not worry about my account still being listed after the fact. Funny thing, after logging out, and then logging back in, g-mail loads with the look i have been used to seeing... odd. In IE 11, under "Safety" then "Webpage privacy policy" i also blocked a cookie pertaining to (i think) synchronization with youtube not sure if related to the interface issue, but, blocked it anyway.
    Honestly, i wish the engineers behind g-mail would leave well enough alone. At least to me, it seems that every time they "update" the g-mail interface, things get more convoluted AND less user-friendly. Thoughts?

  • If you knew this had nothing to do with anime or Funimation, then why did you post it in the "Funimation General" forum?

    Topics like this belong in the "General Discussion" forum, so I'll be moving it there now.

  • Hi Spaceman,

    You know, believe it or not, i thought about that after the fact... D-:} Then, i was like debating in my mind whether i should delete the post and re-post in the specific "general" forum, but, then figured that perhaps it would get more exposure where it was? Then i thought to myself, "well, even though it has Funimation in the title, it still has the qualifier of "general" sooo maybe it would work? Then again, you could say that although there is the word "general" it is still in the context of Funimation. Bottom line i guess, all my back and forth just made more work for you, lol - - i apologize for that. Spaceman is like,
    "I don't have time for this, I have to be monitoring more prominent threads!" Kind of like Harima trying to focus on his comic meanwhile being distracted by Tenma's friends (laughs).

    On another note, if someone desired to be a forum moderator, would you say that there are a lot of "hoops" to jump through? what inspired you to become a FUN forum moderator? Are you required to put in a certain length of time - - what if you don't? Knowing everything you know now, would you have still made the decision to become a Mod. here?

  • Addendum:
    As of more recently, even using this extension: did not seem to eliminate the troublesome new interface... What i ended up having to do, was to enforce "compatibility mode". After doing that, the more basic interface loaded.

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