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  • I read on some random google result news site that Funimation is developing an Android TV app (It was dated mid April of this year, and used what appeared to be a social media quote of a Funimation moderator.

    Is this true? And if so, are we looking early development (eg could be a while) or testing (could be a month or two)? I did do a search on these forums, and turned up a post from about a year ago, so apologies if I missed this question already being asked11

    (I recently bought a NVIDIA SHIELD TV to replace my aging, freezing Roku 2 and was dismayed to find no Funimation App -_-; This would certainly take some of the sting out of it)

  • As a new owner of a Shield TV, I haven't had much luck with sideloading the Android app, but sideloading the VRV app seems to work just fine, though navigation is a bit wonky as it's made for touch devices. The Shield Controller takes care of that with TV Launcher 3.

  • @dannomite Yes, it will be a port of the FireTV app. It's just waiting on approval. I can't give a specific launch date, but it should be soon considering that all we need is approval.

    We are testing on an Nvidia Shield primarily, but I think we have a couple others.

  • @Sophie ,

    Thank you!!

    Please tell them to get it asap.

    I have Netflix, Hulu and crunchyroll on my Sony android tv but have to use my ps4 for funimation and its streaming buffering is needless to say I have paid for the sub for almost 4 years now but hardly use it.

    Once it hits Android tv I will be a very happy little...big...boy.

  • The latest I've heard is that it actually needs to go through some user acceptance testing on our end first. Then it get can launch. Approval was the first hurdle.

    It's on its way though. ^_^

  • Just passing through saying FINALLY! Thanks for all the information over the past year or so on this matter. I've been asking about a Funimation Android TV app for years; ever since I got my Sony XBR-X850C. If it's a port of the FireTV app, that'd be fine by me. Hoping it releases in the next few weeks as it seems it's got approval, just Funimation wants to test it before launching. Please post when you have a date, Sophie! Thanks again!

  • Been a month since any update-- Any news on a launch day for this app in the Android TV? Just ordered a Sony A1E OLED that runs Android TV 7.0 and would love to have the app in there a bit after setting it up this week. My previous Sony 2015 X850C got moved to living room for parents, but it'd be nice to have most rooms have all apps for anyone in house on it, too.

  • Still going through testing.

  • Thanks for the reply. Any idea why the Funimation app for Android can now only cast SD though? It worked perfectly fine months ago, but about one month or a bit more ago it would stop buffering at SD and not go into HD. Tried with a Gen 2 Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast built in on a 2015 X850C and a brand new Sony A1E 2017 OLED and all are the same.

  • How long does testing usually go? Weeks, months?

  • Must take years then apparently. Lol.

  • Keep in mind it can take awhile. I waited like 4 to 6 months for the Xbox one app to get a update. Now it is better than ever. Better to release a great app than a sub par app that barely works. I also been subbing for almost 2 years. They are doing awesome work. Give them time they haven't let me down yet.

  • @dtittel Thanks for the update. Randomly checked my Shield after MNF and saw it for download and got excited. Pardon the impatience, but thanks for not giving up Funimation and bringing your app to other platforms!

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