Opened a ticket but haven't gotten a response

  • Greetings,

    I have had three payments taken from my paypal account every month. I am concerned about cancelling them because I do not want to lose the service.

    Two months ago (when the ticket was opened) the charges hit my account and forced it into an overdrawn balance which cost me ~100 bucks.

    Can someone PLEASE help me with this???


  • Let me contact @FunimationHelp on your behalf and see if they can help you out. I apologize for the long wait.

  • I just had to put in for help since mine works up to clicking watch on the show I pick.. then it just says unknown error and will not play any show. They say allow 3-4 days for a reply but see its been taking the company weeks to get back to people all while they are paying for services they are NOT receiving. I am about to put in a dispute to paypal for paying for services that I am not getting from funimation, especially if not offered a discount for all the days I couldn't watch shows I paid for. I know its not my online, I play World of Warcraft and it runs smooth, and so does my youtube, netflix on ps4.

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