Content not working on fire stick app

  • I have a fire stick and recently updated the app. It is much improved compared to all the problems from before. However, today I wanted to start a new show and was suggested Cat Planet Cuties. When I try to open it in Japanese with subtitles I get a message that the video is not available in this region. My options are to hit cancel or hit retry, retry unfortunately does nothing but refresh the pop-up. When I try to watch the show in English, I get a pop-up about mature content with the same cancel and retry buttons.

    Heres the kicker, the show in both language formats works fine on my phone and computer. But not the fire stick. I don't have the mature restrictions on and the show clearly works in this region. So what's wrong with the fire stick app? Has anyone else had this issue with other shows?

  • I gave up on that show and found another. Unfortunately I've now run into the pre update problem of frequent video freezing and repeating of audio segments and generally choppy playback. Since I never got a reply to my response to customer service last month, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to create a new ticket or if there is a procedure in place to enquire and add to an existing one. Either way, while the library on the app is extensive and I've enjoyed a lot of the shows, this experience has been super frustrating given the pretty poor responsiveness to customer issues and recurring app bugs.

  • @Rs181602

    I have the same issue with most shows on the Fire TV. The only way to fix the Region Error, which is only temp, that I have found Exit the App, go to Settings-> Applications-> Manage Installed Applications -> FunimationNow->Force Stop->Clear Cache.

    As I said, it is only a temp fix. I have sent in several tickets with no response to the issue, nor the crappy Buffering/Streaming issue either.

    The Maturity Error should not be as prevalent, I have had it pop up so far only twice myself.

    Hope it helps at least a little.

  • @valyn76 that worked like a charm thanks so much! I gotta ask, how did you figure that out??

    A few questions to Funimation staff on the forum:

    I've looked through the forum and see months of complaints about app issues and poor response from customer service. Most of the responses have been pretty void of actual help besides telling people to make a Twitter account to try getting their attention there. These issues are common across many users and platforms. Was this App just not tested before launch? And considering we are talking about a lot of paying customers, is there no urgency to fix stuff being mentioned for the last few months, or any transparency at least with that? I'm paying monthly for a service that works poorly on the best of days, which makes the library size pretty pointless. What is the benefit of using this service compared to just getting torrents for free when it is pretty clear that paying customers are not valued at all? I've been replied to the response I got for customer service with the info they requested, but it has been a month since I have heard anything back, and while I'm extremely grateful that a fellow frustrated customer was able to help me out here, I honestly don't understand what I'm paying for at this point. I'll stick around for another month since I've already paid for it, but unless something changes I don't think I will much beyond that.

  • @Rs181602

    Glad it worked, I heard from Tech Support and they said they know of the issue and are working on fixing it... So, give it another year or so.

    It seems to be only way to temporarily fix most of the FuniNow App issues since last year.

  • @Rs181602 , I completely agree with you! I have a fire stick & same thing happened to me. I'm glad you brought this up & the answer was posted in your thread, if it wasn't for that, I would've already cancelled Funimation by now since I mostly prefer to watch my anime on the big screen through my fire stick & this "can't play cuz of region" crap has been a bummer to me for too much, for too long!

  • We had the audio jump back issue previously with the Android app. It's one of those issues that is difficult for QA to catch, so we have to rely on user feedback. That being said, the issue has been logged for Fire TV and is being worked on. There is no need to submit a ticket if you have not already done so, but you can if you'd like to be notified when it has been resolved.

    If you have specific feedback on the quality of customer service, please submit a ticket, so that they can address it. If enough of this type of feedback is received through the Support System, then the people that need to see it (the Directors and VPs) will see it.

    Meanwhile, I have been thinking about opening up the Support Forum again and/or clean up the help threads, but I'd need the Support Forum to be staffed internally first. My main job is not the forum, so I wouldn't be able to put enough focus on that section to keep it useful to everyone - customer and Funimation Tech.

  • I logged out and logged back in... seems to work...