Spybot Anti-Beacon breaks funimation!! Finally got the video player working... :)

  • So, after about a month of trying to figure out why the F funimation's video player wouldn't work on any browser, on my desktop OR laptop, on my home connection or my shcool's connection, I figured out why. The program "Spybot Anti-Beacon" totally breaks the video player, for whatever reason. I undid all the settings in the program, refreshed funimation and imagine my excitement when the video player worked perfectly instead of being broken. In hindsight, I should have realized this a lot quicker since it was the only common denominator between everything I tried but oh well, lesson learned.

    Figured I should post in case anybody else happens to be having this issue, because there aren't any posts about it.

  • Spybot plugs up all the privacy holes from Windows 10 . Funimation's new website exploits those holes to data mine premium users (should not be and "share" with their partners . So Spybot is doing it's job . I won't allow data mining , so I can't watch videos anymore on the website I'm paying for . My workaround is using the Windows app on my desktop .

  • Hello animeguy,

    Perhaps consider using Malwarebytes over Spybot? i have Malwarebytes Pro's real-time protection engaged AND it does not interfere with FUNimation.

  • I have Spybot, but not Anti-Beacon. But I do have the same problem you used to have. Any fixes anyone would recommend while I wait for Funimation to stop acting like a shady company you'd expect from a generic anime? (See: Respond to emails before weeks go by and maybe even fix the problem once and for all.)

  • it blocks sO.2mdn.net in the host file and Funimation uses it has some to do with google's ads and data tracking

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