Website video player just doesn't start up at all

  • Been having this problem across multiple shows/videos, so it's not just an isolated issue with a single video. What's happening is when I go to an episode to play, I see the still screenshot of the episode, and I see the loading bar and play button near-ish the bottom of the page, but literally nothing else is coming up. It looks like it's just the "background" images for the video player, and the player itself isn't starting up. I CAN get it to work by completely closing and re-opening my browser, after EACH and EVERY episode, but I really shouldn't freakin' have to do that.

    Seriously, for a subscription service, actually getting to view the content I'm paying for has always been a PITA. :-/ The video players always seem to have issues, no matter what iteration of the site I've used (and I've been an on-and-off subscriber for YEARS).

    Anyway, I've got a link here to a screenshot of the issue in question, so you can get a good idea of what I'm seeing. Hopefully it helps, and hopefully once you get the site to a stable position again, you just freakin' let it be for once.

  • I've had sort a similar issues to you. I started getting better performance after I installed Google Chrome Canary, however this didn't completely fix my issue. I believe its because the site isn't optimized to work with Chrome.

    Here few things you could try:

    1. Chrome Troubleshooting:

    2. You have 36 tabs open, it could be a problem with that, maybe you are running out of RAM or filling up you cache quickly. The fact it works after you restart chrome makes it sound like a RAM problem. It may not be the tabs it could be just a bad memory leak in Chrome

    3. This part will suck and I can't believe I am saying it, try it with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or some other browser. It could be a problem with Chrome itself, when I use Microsoft Edge I have far less issues with the Brightcove Player and am able to get through several episodes with very little issue.

  • Same issue. Video player doesnt load at all.

    Tried Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet explorer. Nothing works.

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