Store problems and customer support

  • On Wednesday I placed my first order in the store. I purchased 4 different Blu-rays/DVDs, with the 2 day shipping. The order was marked "completed" and gave me a shipment number. When I clicked on the shipment number OSM's website said the shipment number was wrong or unavailable. Also rather Funimation getting back to me i checked my bank statement yesterday (which was 4 days after the transaction) and the money was given back to me, rather the transaction was no where to be seen. I've been trying to get a hold of customer support for a couple days now, but it is not working. Should I try to create another order or wait for customer support to get back to me?

  • I would put in another ticket; at least you got your money back but if you really wanted those DVD's I would ask if there is a problem.

  • Yeah i sent them another email, hopefully get some answers.

  • You also might want to send them a message on Twitter @FunimationHelp. You might get a faster response that way.

  • @SpacemanHardy thank you, I didnt think about that.

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