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  • I've been having this issue with the site since I changed my password at the beginning of March. When I log out of the site, then log back in again, the forum page states that I am logged out, even though other pages state that I am logged in. The only way around this issue is if I clear my cookies and log in again, but this is only a temporary fix, as when I log out and log back in again the issue returns.

    I have sent multiple tickets over the past month and have not received any replies back saying that this issue is being addressed. Also, sometimes when I go to a random page on the site I see on the top of the page that I am logged out. For example, when I went to the Support page to send my latest ticket just a few minutes ago I got the issue; I had to clear my cookies yet again just to send the ticket.

  • Hi Galaxy,

    Yeah, this "log in" issue has been the bane of my existence since the new forum implementation as well. Recently, i just cleared all known cache, cookies, temp files, said the magic words and it miraculously worked again, lol. Bottom line for me, i'm just not logging out. and, if i happen to get logged out - - i hate to think about that right now.. (laughs)
    Take care,

  • @GalaxyCrisis I don't know if this helps but do you have any special characters in your password? (Don't tell me your password) but I noticed the site and apps have problems with special characters, so you might want to reset your password without them. It worked for me and I don't have any complains for now

  • @timrobasa Yes, my password has a special character. The thing is, I tried changing my password to one that doesn't have any and I get an error message saying that my password must contain a special character.

  • @GalaxyCrisis ahh I see, it is sensitive to the kind of special character you have. For example if you have % the apps and site will go haywire but if you have a _ it is just fine. I don't completely get the craziness either but it is what it is. I have had issues longer than March and recently found that it was the % in my password. Apparently the funi site and apps can't handle it. Try switching the characters around I bet that is the problem

  • @timrobasa I tried changing the special character to a dash (-) and even the underscore (_), and I still get the problem.

  • Okay, i just experienced it again for whatever reason (like Taki and Mitsuha switching, lol) i was on Funi Website, oddly (maybe due to inactivity and i'm not even 100% sure about that like Strawberry 100%, lol) the site logged me out. However, upon trying to log in again, fine, i was logged back in, BUT could not post to the forums. i know i was logged in because i saw credit card info etc. the remedy i tried last time WORKED again this time. it seems that, when you experience this, (at least in Windows 7 using IE 11) you have to clear TEMP, %temp% (i did not clear prefetch and it still worked) and cookies. At least in Win 7 there are multiple temp folders. To see them all, and the cookies folder that can be accessible, you need to change your view. If you go under libraries, then at the top where it says "Tools" go under "Folder Options". From there, go under "View" - - make certain that "show hidden files etc. is selected. Hide Empty Drives - unchecked, Hide Extensions for known file types - unchecked, AND Hide protected operating system files- unchecked as well (for security, re-adjust these later) click apply, then okay. Now, you should be able to view all possible cookie/ temp folders to clear them. i cleared the one under C: temp, then- C: Windows- Temp, then, C: Users, (then profile name for computer) mine happens to be "Kitchen" go to Local Settings- Temp and clear as much as you can there. some items may not be deleted as they are in use by the system. do not worry about those. That should take care of the main "temp" areas. Next, navigate to the cookie folder: C:- Users- again, the profile name of the computer- then to shortcut to cookies. Delete everything there and make sure when you open up the "container.dat" utilizing notepad, that that is clear as well. Additionally, to be sure, i would clear flash data AND make sure to run inetcpl.cpl. once that window opens, and you click on "delete" make sure everything is checked for deletion and uncheck "preserve favorites website data". i also went under the privacy tab and UNCHECKED "never allow websites to track your physical location" AND under "Content" i cleared the SSL state. After doing all this, i went back to Funi Homepage. I clicked to agree that "this site uses cookies". i further went under "Safety" tab in IE 11 and made certain, under "Webpage privacy policy" that EVERY cookie generated by FUNimation was set to "Accepted". I then went to re-login to FUNimation. Voila! - - it magically re-synchronizes (that is) it not only knows i'm logged in, but, allows me to post in the forums once again - - not like before, where i was genuinely logged in, yet, it would NOT allow me to post in the forums. This process that i embark upon is time consuming, however, it is the only way that i have found to successfully re-synchronize the platform to afford me the ability to post in the forums once being logged out for whatever reason.

  • Another point is, in the beginning, the user name i am currently under: P.J. was REJECTED by the system i.e., it looked like i was logged in but could not post. I was then going under the handle PJ1 to post. when i did the new registration it apprised me that periods would not be an acceptable format - - it perceived that i was using kanji. (or at least that's what the system told me even though it sounds ridiculous) Additionally, i think i remember the system stating, at that point, that usernames could NOT be two characters. However, once contacting support and i explained that i had to use two user accounts one to post in the forums and another to view subscriber videos, i then magically gained access to my old account. Maybe there was a partial breakthrough on their end. However, with the most recent situation of being logged out then trying to log back in, i have to follow all the abovementioned protocols (from my previous post) to be able to POST in the forums once again.

  • For my password, being the correct length of course, i utilized a capital letter, lower case, a number, and the exclamation point. the password seems alright, but, again, if i am logged out, i have to follow those lengthy steps i outlined to have full use of the FUNimation Website.

  • Okay. It happened again. Somehow logged out, when logged back in, could not post to forums. I tried to shorten my procedure from the last time. Hitting the "log in" radio button on the forum thread did not work. I think, i blocked the "forum" generated cookie then re-enabled it. Next, i went to the main login screen, refreshed the page - - then re-logged in. Then it re-synchronized and i was able to post. This is just odd, and continues to perplex me... All this troubleshooting reminds me of the time i was troubleshooting the scenario editor in Rollercoaster Tycoon II, lol.



  • Well, i'm still noticing this "unsynchronizing". At this point, i'm just deleting: 0_1498634479778_what to clear.JPG
    the three "checked" areas - - then, i go back to FUN Homepage, acknowledge the "cookies message" log back in from the main page not a forums page and all is well. I can view videos AND post to the forums.


  • @P.J.

    The solution is simple: Don't stay logged in. Solves a lots of problems. When u are done with the watching, log out. If you just AFK, it just causes problems.

  • @thegrandalliance said in "Log In" issue:

    Don't stay logged in. Solves a lots of problems. When u are done with the watching, log out.

    Just the opposite of my experience.

  • @Nobu

    Ur not logging ou the right way, that's why.

    Must go to a main funimation subsite not the forum (which apparently uses own severs, probably for the forum ui).

    In other words, goto funimation.com funimation.com/blog funimation.com/simuldub

    Something not the forum subsite. Then, click on ur profile picture and log out. Don't have open multiple tabs, either.

    Else, IDK. Ur Nobu-ness is just nerfed apparently, in either case.

  • I don't know why I'd log out, anyway.

  • @Nobu

    "Cyber Hygiene", is good to do. And, maybe why u have problems... The servers are stupid and think ur logged in 63635353 times.

    Staying always logged into things, is just asking for trouble. Whether it be FUNimation, Google, Microsoft, or whatever. But no matter.

  • I keep on having that log in issue where I go to the main page, it asked me to log in, and then when I go to the forums, it asks me to log in again, and when I click to log in, it goes to my account page, and doesn't do anything. I am then forced to clear my web browser cookies. I had sent an inquery e-mail, and they said they fixed the issue, but It came up again today. What is going on?

  • @Spaceshotx7 CS is perhaps mistaking it for another issue. What you reported is still an open issue. It's in the queue to be fixed.

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