Wheres the Xbox One App!?

  • Its been MONTHS since FunimationNow has been up so where's the Xbox one app for it. The only one I see is the outdated regular funi app. WTF FUNIMATION!?

  • @funimation-user-2427527

    I'm assuming they are working on making a UWP version of that app that will work on Windows 10, Mobile and Xbox One.

    Last month I asked them when they'd be fixing some issues the Windows 10 app. What they told me was, there is no ETA and not to expect an update anytime soon on fixing

    • The Queue and Watch History not syncing with the site
    • Images for tiles being way too zoomed in
    • No option to easily view new episodes of their few simulcasts(that option was already a feature at one point, turn it back on maybe?)
    • Implementing of proper soft subtitles, instead of MS CC which doesn't support shadowing/backing for CC. Which makes it near impossible to see subtitles on any shows with lots of whites or high contrasts(Very much so with the current arc of DBS.)

    It's clear to see that those at Sony weren't ready or resource able to do this many apps. Everything should be out and at least feature shippable when the site launched, which was delayed for nearly a year.

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