Some final thoughts on Fuuka..

  • What can i say? i really loved this show in the same way i loved Suzuka. i’m a sucker for these school life, romance, comedy, slice of life genres - - guess it reminds me of when i was in high school. Anyway, one feeling is, although i thought Fuuka was a great character and all, i think there is something to be said for the loyalty of a childhood friend. Koyuki was there for him. The way Yuu embraced her in that one episode... as if to say, yes, you had a rough life, but i’m here now and i’ll provide that security you’ve been searching for. Then, all of a sudden, those feelings seemed to get tossed aside and he went for Fuuka! What? No! If i were in his shoes, i wouldn’t have left Koyuki’s side. Imagine for a moment, a superstar being willing to take on the liability of being with you? Anyway, i felt the same thing happened in No-Rin. Minori was always there, yet he favored the pop-icon. Bottom line, despite my favoritism towards Koyuki, Fuuka is a really outstanding anime and would buy the DVD/Blu Ray if it were available, tonight. i just purchased Manami Numakura’s awesome soundtrack: Climber’s High! directly from Japanese Life Goods (a trusted seller through Amazon’s marketplace i’ve been dealing with for years) one of the best purchases you’ll ever make, just do it. Such a refreshing sound, very unlike the stale music pushed off on us today. Someone in the comments section for Fuuka indicated that they are highly anticipating season 2. Will there really be a season 2? If so, sign me up for that, immediately.

    Some more awesome music from another talented artist, Nao Fumikudo:

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