• Hey there!
    I am Stirfry Dream and I'm new to this forum. I like anime and manga (like any other here lol). Right now, I'm looking for recommendations on any new manga and anime. I've only got three main stays for manga right now and I've been really out of the anime loop (I AM looking forward to the premiere of Space Dandy)!

    I also like to play video games, but I'm more of a "when the urge comes" gamer ^^() My favorite series right now is the Tales of and Persona series.

    Overall, I'm generally upbeat and happy-go-lucky. Though I do get serious sometimes and if I get too serious, someone can just "Funimation Forum Chop" me XD

    …. So, .... It's nice to meet you :D

  • Welcome aboard Stirfry Dream, hope you have a great time on our little forum here. ^_^ You're among friends, cuz just right off the bat, I too am looking super forward to Space Dandy, only game when the urge comes, and am a HUGE fan of the Persona series heh.

  • Welcome Stirry Dream to the funi forums. Hmm some recomendations I can give are Angel Beats!s, Black Cat, Clannad, Kanon, Fairy Tail, Gurren Lagann, The Melencholy of Haruhi Suumiyam Spice and Wolf, Shakugan no Shana, Sword Art Onlie, Wagnaria, the World God Only Knows and Yu Yu Hakusho for anime.
    I don;t have much of a manga collection but I would say, D.Gray-man, Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Spice and Wolf and Tsubasa.

    Anywho, hope you enjoy postingg with us.

  • lol hey guys, how do i start a new thread or whatever, im new to forums e.e

  • Bedlam welcomes you to the table, (Psssst….. Someone pass the Teriyaki) Stirfry ( psssst.....and some chop sticks) always happy to have you (Pssst......lock the door) over for dinner.

    Some really good anime have been mentioned already, but what are your tastes?

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