Puzzle & Dragons X

  • is there a reason Puzzle & Dragons X came off the scheudle for tommorrow 4-22
    if so when will it be on

  • Due to licensing issues, neither Crunchyroll nor Funimation were able to secure the rights to episode 39 and beyond. It is currently unknown if they will be able to get the rights in the future.

  • That's odd but they probably blew their wad on those 3 flagships this season. Sad. I rather enjoyed the show. Hopefully this season won't suck. Granted, I have to use the Roku app so it wil suck but hopefully the shows won't.

  • @betuor

    No it's rights issues, not money issues. Something happened with GungHo, but we don't know what it is.

    They could have been unhappy with the dub, the subs, that funi has been putting episodes on CR or a million other possible things.

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