Video Player doesn't play! Can you burn this new website and go back to the old one?

  • Ever since this website has been "Upgraded" I have been unable to watch anything from the website. I have tried many browsers, and have even downloaded ones i've never heard about just to see if the player would play. I have zero issues anywhere else across the internet. I can even watch other BrightCove videos from other websites.

    Contact Support? Don't even get me started on contacting support. If support actually did their job and responded to me after making me answer 400 questions, then this issue would have been resolved months ago.

    And if anyone has ever dealt with "Jean" from support, you would know exactly what I'm talking about.

    The Old website worked horribly, but non-the-less it worked. This website is horrible, and simply doesn't work.

    **If anyone has had issues playing videos and some how fixed it, please tell me.

    My video player populates and say's 0:00/0:00 with a picture of the video in the background, and an elevated play button of to the left.**

    PS: On a side note, isn't it considered Fraud when one party offers a service, and another purchases it. However there is no accessible service?

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