Is the ps4 app still poor?

  • I've encountered so many errors (persistent stutter/buffering, app freezing, etc), and apparently these haven't been fixed. I'm currently in my trial phase of my membership, but if I can't have a reliable app, I sadly won't be renewing. Are there any solutions anyone has found? I'm noticing the most problems trying to watch steins; gate.

  • I am not sure I normally use the desktop website on google chrome and have never had any issues with it

  • If anything the FunimationNow app on PS4 has gotten worse due to neglect. No updates, patches, etc. for the myriad issues. They completely ignores and buried the official thread about this.

  • The only problem I have with the PS4 app is that the subtitles whenever I watch a dub anime it says that there off but it still shows the text...I haven't had any problems with buffering or freezing in a long time with it.

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