Is the ps4 app still poor?

  • I've encountered so many errors (persistent stutter/buffering, app freezing, etc), and apparently these haven't been fixed. I'm currently in my trial phase of my membership, but if I can't have a reliable app, I sadly won't be renewing. Are there any solutions anyone has found? I'm noticing the most problems trying to watch steins; gate.

  • I am not sure I normally use the desktop website on google chrome and have never had any issues with it

  • If anything the FunimationNow app on PS4 has gotten worse due to neglect. No updates, patches, etc. for the myriad issues. They completely ignores and buried the official thread about this.

  • The only problem I have with the PS4 app is that the subtitles whenever I watch a dub anime it says that there off but it still shows the text...I haven't had any problems with buffering or freezing in a long time with it.

  • Has there been any indication whether the multitude of issues are going to be fixed anytime soon? It doesn't seem to matter whether the episodes/anime is new or old, time of day, etc. the crappy app still stutters, freezes, loses the spot one was at in an episode or crashes, etc. I'm honestly getting quite sick of it as I'm sure plenty of others are as well. It's quite rediculous that a company like Funimation is having such a big problem with their app. This shouldn't have ever been released especially since it looks and handles like some CS student through it together at the last moment before the assignment was due. I'm not trying to say that this type of program is super easy but given how many other companies have little to no issue with releasing a similar video streaming app the current state is just pathetic. Please just fix this program already. Additionally the color scheme needs to be tweaked to at least match the website. It just looks tacky to say the least .

  • I had the same issue myself with the PS4; it works sometimes but not always but I haven't used it a while. I am currently have issues logging into the website itself. The app works on my Ipad with the same login I used for the website so I don't know what the issue is per-say. I hope I can get this resolved soon.

  • After the first few weeks I havnt had any troubles at all

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