What are you streaming?

  • It is simple, what are you streaming tonight? What anime are you watching?

  • Miss Kobayashshis Dragon maid

  • WorldEnd, or SukaSuka

  • Well just watched Boruto. Can't fall behind here, before I know it 3 years will pass and I'd have to play catch-up.

    Probably will watch more Saekano.

    I feel like Dungeon AoT and MHA are the only ones really worth it this season. Though i'm sure I'll stumble upon the sleeper (last season I feel like it was Scum's Wish)

  • I am currently watching Nanbaka and My Hero Academia

  • I was actually searching for a topic just like this for the past few days (basically "what anime are you currently watching in general?") but just couldn't find it.

    In terms of streaming this current season, there's a LOT; in addition to the two really big ones (My Hero Academia and Attack on Titan season 2), I'm also going through Love Tyrant, Clockwork Planet, and Sword Oratoria. (It sucks that I have no choice but to use torrents for that last one, but to me a double paywall is like hidden fees in some shady cell phone service plan.)

    Also, this is slightly off topic, but now that the dub of season 1 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has finished broadcasting, I am finally going through Stardust Crusaders; it's the only part I haven't seen in its entirety yet.

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