What are the plans for Fairy Tail?

  • Fairy Tail Zero air last year in 2016 and was done in 2016 right? And I know Fairy Tail planning it 2nd movie this year 2017. Which we still don't know when it going to English Dub at this time of making this thread... But does that mean we may not see anything about then doing the next sage of Fairy Tail until 2018? I really hope we get to see more Fairy Tail next Season very soon English Dub... I would like to what next this show is VERY good now that I into it... But now that I am caught to where everyone at the moment now I just wanted more of this show it really good...

  • @gohan6425

    It would likely depend on what content it actually covers, the popularity (should be good, I mean they got this far right?) and probably a couple other factors.

    I'd love to see more Fairy Tail, as its one of the LONGER running series that I got myself sucked into on Funi.

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