Fix your website.

  • It's been a while since I've watched anything on here, and I was surprised with another layout. While you folks have always had issues, they've largely been on the tolerable end as it's mostly been relegated to navigating through errors regarding what should link where.

    Imagine my surprise when I come back to watch the new season of My Hero Academia, only to be greeted with a horrendous display of incompetence. Videos inexplicably refuse to load or play on firefox, but they will bizarrely play on internet explorer... And when the videos do play? They're choppy, and riddled with delays and pauses when a button is pressed. On top of all of that, a good deal of the options regarding quality and the like don't even work. I'd love to be more specific and list more of the issues, but considering the trainwreck of a website I'm looking at, it would boil down to 'Clicked on buttons. Things broke.' I don't even think the level of quality I'm seeing could even remotely be considered a beta-version.

    Please, fix this crap and at least have something workable before you restructure in the future.

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