Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

  • @SpacemanHardy said in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry:

    @gohan6425 Obviously it can't. We just don't know who it is yet.

    It is more than likely Funimation, and it will more than likely have an English dub. But because nothing is yet set in stone, we can't say anything for sure just yet.

    @SpacemanHardy Why can't that just tell us then that Funimation got it then? Instead of leaving us in the dark?

  • @gohan6425 Because there's a little thing called "non-disclosure agreements" that legally prevent them from doing that sort of thing.

  • @SpacemanHardy said in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry:

    @gohan6425 Because there's a little thing called "non-disclosure agreements" that legally prevent them from doing that sort of thing.

    @SpacemanHardy Then why even post this part of the news then? Why not just wait until there can post everything all in one good?

  • Have any of you guys seen the film already? I hope Erza doesn't die in this movie.

  • @SpacemanHardy you tell em

  • If your are a User that came on this forums just to know about when this Movie coming out please READ the Following:

    There is currently NO news on when "Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry" will be released in Theater English Dub or when it will come out on home videos to Blu-Ray or DVD's. That ALL we know at this time! If and when new news come available it will be post in this THREAD and if a new thread is open up for here on out it will be closed and before they closed it will be the @administrators or @Moderators will link you back to this thread so you can read this info. Thank You for Understanding...

  • I have a question, I was talking with one of my friends and he mention to me that the reason there has been almost nothing said about Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry is because Funimation did not have the rights to promote it? Does that also mean they don't have the rights to the movie at all? I just find it funny that everywhere else the movie had been played in quickly got release dates, theaters, and times while so far here in the U.S. it's only been mention once and showed once and that was almost a month ago. Funimation is saying all the time that they are getting better at bringing U.S fans anime yet one of the most popular animes they license has gone dark. I guess I'm just confused; I think both myself as well as the other fans would like to have some conformation that Dragon Cry is still happening.

  • @jimmyjamie007 Funimation were the ones that hosted the film's premiere at Anime Central and who are bringing it to North American theaters. So no, that isn't the case at all. Odds are they're just waiting for the movie's dub to be finished before they start planning theatrical dates.

  • I think Funimation is just trying to negotiate with theaters to screen it and when they get that settled they'll announce when they'll bring it to theaters.

  • Agreed. Summer's a busy time at theaters trying to fit in all the US productions.

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