Ignore for Profiles and the Notification System

  • I think it is self explanatory but for the sake of it i will explain. I will like to be able to ignore certain accounts of certain users. I just don't want to ignore their new post, I want to ignore them completely that even when they have a new post its not part of my notifications. Secondly I think getting alerted about every single post is a pain in the neck. Each time someone complains or posts we are all forced to be aware of it. I suggest allowing us to choose what parts of the forums we will like to receive updates from unlike getting it from the guys interested in music, art etc

  • I'm shocked there isn't some kind of ignore feature for topics and a way to block other users excluding the moderators of course.

    I really hope there will be an update at some point allowing other users to be blocked, I'm tired of seeing this one troll on here whinning every time someone posts something they don't like and harassing others with their opinion like its fact,. Seriously the fact they haven't lost their subscription, been permanently banned, and just allowed to run amok is ridiculous! I've seen harsher warnings and banns for far less on other site forums.

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