Choppy video

  • Is anyone else having issues with the video player. The load time sucks and there is a constant buffering issue. I have tried adjusting all of the setting to minimal levels and I still have buffering issues. It is at the point now that I am thinking about canceling my account It takes me an hour to watch a 25 min. show.

  • Yes, there's definitely issues with load times and streaming on the site... I've got a 38Mb/s fibre connection, and the buffering is just ridiculous. Having only just joined this site because of some of the older series available here, I was expecting a more reliable and robust service than what is being currently offered.

    A 720p stream is buffering every 20 seconds or so, which is daft. Checking throughput, the stream isn't constant, just a few seconds burst at 20+Mb/s then off again... Looks like server side or player issues.

    So far, I've been quite disappointed in this premium service from Funimation.

  • Yeah, the Xbox One and PS4 apps both suck, sorry funimation.

    Both my systems get 60+mb/sec download, both stream Netflix, Vudu, and console store videos perfectly. Both freeze and buffer constantly on Funimation Now.

    What I do now is just use the Xbox One web browser and watch Funimation Now through the website, works perfect that way.

    But that's kind of a silly solution considering you guys made an app.

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